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W. Twenty eight hits. The average American in for the great amount. Who is I reported at the top of the hour is doing very well. Really truly doing. I think a lot better than can be expected. As much as we make fun of it. That was some serious stuffy went through. But it sounds like he's doing well should get out of the hospital at some point this weekend. And the party really starts coming up after the news at the bottom of the hour. One in four of you and me one in four of us refused medical care because we cannot afford it. So you've got you got the Affordable Healthcare Act that seems to always be in the Republicans crosshairs yet, they never come up with something to replace it with you have Medicare for all. And then he got Medicare for America's what what's going on in the healthcare industry, and why we should pay a lot of attention to it between now and November twenty twenty by the way, the Republicans putted they say they won't come up with a healthcare play until after the election because they don't control the house anymore. That's just political reality. The reds are in Pittsburgh tonight. Again, just a little tidbit here for you too much on for the next four or five minutes, or however long it takes you to swallow something like this Jesse Winker is getting the stored in centerfield tonight now Jesse Winker couldn't hit a pinata this season. I'm just sorry. He's not hitting the ball. But it's better than watching Scott shetler who couldn't put the ball in the Ohio river if he was standing on public landing better than watching him strike out every at bat riddle me this Batman, and this is not an extensive question. Wasn't the best hitting outfielder that they had this spring who can play centerfield, Phillip Ervin. And they bench that guy to Louisville before the season ever started. Strange times, twelve thirty News Radio seven hundred w l w seven hundred w l w twelve thirty seven welcome back. Seven hundred wwl w Ken in for Bill Cunningham. Ben.

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