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Can you believe this game? Three. Wilton little roller up along behind. He's a great guy. Bill, Buckner very, very nice, man. But all you here for the last day he passed away at a young age. But. Oh, you hear is that's terrible that he's only known for that terrible. That's what he's known for missing that ball ruin. What is he's supposed to be known for? I don't know if that's about. All we know about him. Yeah. What else do we know is apparently was a very good baseball player. Yeah. Not good enough to get into all fame. But I mean like Bucky dent was known for the game winning home run in that playoff game. Yes, she you're known for your treatments. And you're, you know. What is Reggie Jackson known for three home runs? A three consecutive swings in the World Series. Most incredible thing I've ever seen. And by the way, in all fairness, I mean, Buckner that made the in the sixth game of the world sees the Red Sox had to lose game seven in order to lose the World Series. So he didn't really not his fault, but it was a simple plan. He missed it. But everybody blamed where is a my missing something was there some incredible game winning home. Run. He hit or something somewhere else. I'm sure he had other teammates. I don't know. Career I'm making them seem to find any video shows of other achievements anyway, a Bill O'Reilly will be with us next. One of our favorite guests Bill O'Reilly coming up next on seven ten. W. O R. Let's get the latest news. Here's Joe Bartlett. All right. Mark mayor de Blasio wants to guarantee workers in the city ten vacation days per year rallied with supporters on the steps of city hall ahead of a city council hearing on that legislation. The mayor says New York is going to lead the country and giving workers the break they need and deserve. Also rallying Stanton island with community leaders, speaking out against an increase in anti-semitism. There's been a spike in incidents against Jewish communities around the city. Then why PD is on hand with advice for such incidents, and how they can be prevented and dealt with Michael has a busy day in court, he's going to be arraigned in back to back cases. The first involves allegations he tried to extort twenty million dollars from Nike in the second. He's charged we're trying to steal nearly three hundred thousand dollars from his former client stormy Daniels our next update at noon. Breaking news at one start. Your day with Lindbergh. Michael Riedel in the morning, six to ten tomorrow. I'm Joe Bartlett on seven.

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