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Maybe maybe i could have got alan robinson's contract competing with other wide receivers maybe i can get this guy's contract now all these teams in game we would have been interested but you know what we don't have enough money we'll have to give you this type of deal sorry but we'd love to have you just that we kind of screws yes not necessarily because you you heard we heard bela jay talking about his draft board and other teams not having having to drop how many teams draft for change by the fact that dez bryant is now a free agent like what is what do you mean maybe now maybe he's in play instead of some other kid right maybe there's a i mean so maybe it just changes every team is up against the cap right now and they can't afford dez bryant but all it takes is one team that was interested or two teams that were interested that would like i wish we knew you're going to be honest i'm sure i'm sure these guys are probably well aware that there's probably would have been available but they couldn't wait not assigned allen robinson or whoever cowboys changed their mind somebody gets hurt say you cut some other people somebody got now it doesn't work that way but he just became a hot topic number one he's gonna make some money and he probably is not gonna make the money that he would have made had he stayed in the contract with the dallas cowboys but he's gonna make some money apparently colin kaepernick is not going to make money even though it looked like he would have at least an opportunity to play so here's the story from adam schefter after arranging for colin kaepernick to work out for the seattle seahawks this past week the team officials have postponed the trip because the quarterback declined to say he would stop kneeling during the national anthem next season and guess what people are up in arms about this wait a minute that that's part of the deal if they're bringing you in right now and you're going to be the backup quarterback they want assurances that you're not going to be a distraction and that what this is all about is that you want to play football didn't colin kaepernick originally tell the world through his agent that he was not going to neil that he just wanted to play.

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