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Yeah right. fifty cents. he said that he. he appropriated my name fifty cents as some of us like two hundred although most guys have ever met with the name Curtis happen to be black they claim. appropriated mine name from their culture I don't know what's a who is the oldest Curtis back in the what what's the fifth century well actually my dad my father explained it to me chest because he chose the name. it's an English name you'd like this comes from before the Magna Carta. so all the things well the African Americans who want to give me a beat down thinking that I culturally appropriated the name Curtis blame my father chess who who's no longer here on this plane but he claims that in as many readings as a merchant mariner for many years he would always see this name pop up historically in the past in the UK any like that name and it's not Curtis with double less like sometimes people have I've never seen that before candy bars remember the candy bars Curtis candy but now that come out you millennials and hipster candy bars I've never heard of yeah you never heard of the Kurdish candy bars come about when you were doing once you stole their you know and Huntington station as a kid from the candy store I've never heard of these in my life now when I may act old but I do not occur when were they created. it was a brand well what we're gonna let you go to Google and I don't know about because the reason we were playing the party song of Curtis Jackson achei a sense is that. our own judge said Juliet has been absolutely flying high and I thought it was all because she thought that president trump was going to be impeached well that's one of the reasons obviously you all its society I'm just tickled but it's secondary to the big big big day tomorrow in which you join my tribe those who made it to the half century mark ambience yeah the A. R. P.. they're just Deleuze's me with with it documents and membership cards and little chips for things yet it's I'm I'm officially a half century old tomorrow but he shall be morose. they would feel like oh my god the clock is beginning to take I felt like that about fifteen years ago the form room temperature and I got to take a third pass all I become a cadaver in formaldehyde but you seen I've never seen you so happy why something must have happened in this process. we liberate you from what generally chains and shackles the rest of her life I you know it honestly it's that my husband has been telling me that he has a surprise for me that's coming today some gift and I'm I can literally losing my mind he told me this about a month ago and every day I try to ask him give me little hence what's going to happen but he says when I get home and I walk in my front door there will be a giant box with the gift inside and I can't I've asked him I try to cover everything I said is it art is it a karaoke set up is it and he just he won't he won't give me anything let me make a suggestion of what it might be. don't give it away do you know you have not. you know your husband the heavy metal rock star Johnny boy has no time for me membisu valley stream toy that went through the school caught but anyway this is my prediction. remember when you first started breaking in to the New York social scene the party scene a Chechen truly as I do yeah place right below the fifty ninth street bridge on First Avenue I think call may chic now it originally been a disco and then they turned it into something with a B. no no it's not a place where women could go and actually watch guys flex yes yes the Chippendale crew you should now god please tell me that that you is this please tell me it's not some shipping to be great if god heavy metal you don't have you don't say that Brian this should be so good I swear to god if you drop down there what a joke like a stripper I'm gonna be really test with a G. string who starts John you know have you you don't you wouldn't tell me if that's what it was I know it's a big box yeah because I told you that I just right now Jonathan Twomey this early this morning the text me. yeah it's a big box so it's got to have so that could take me that could fit a male dancer but I don't want a man I want my husband he's the only one but all right well so you know what it is. I do you do. only my mother. now when you say mother of god you mean the queen mother of the U. K. I know she's not the mother okay I who is the mother of culinary it's good about I understand that this is incredible you've actually done due diligence stopped watching **** in plagiarizing yourself Christian you have discovered what he Curtis candy company produced yes that is the baby Ruth well that they still make them well but it's owned by a different company. the baby yeah the staff something if we can one of my favorite my favorite us access big nose a Biggie. Michael I mean a lot to candies out there but a lot of these old Babe Ruth tell them what okay trivia question what movie did baby Ruth make an appearance at a very memorable parents old jeopardy king Brian manga lose to like a local much in one once an Alex Trebek every night a baby Ruth make an appearance. in what I don't know me I number is one eight hundred eight four eight W. ABC let. get out to get remember this jet Ted Juliet Curtis booby prize don't ask don't tell because we are so cheap we throw Nichols round like man manhole covers I never understood what that meant by the way well it means if you're wealthy they call you frugal in the old neighborhood we'd say you throw Nichols around like manhole covers because you a cheapskate yeah I have always had alligator on so how does like I get alligator arms will Nichols lake do who throws around manhole cover exactly you don't even throw Nichols around that's the whole while I get it okay if somebody while my brain I know. you got in the cool you know so I can make yeah no no yeah it's a you you you thrown around like man okay I think anyway that trivia question one eight hundred eight four eight W. A. B. C. in the meantime the pressure is on our afternoon show tonight I. N. Nancy will be attending in your absence because this is your night this is your birthday nights that I will be playing with the Chippendales dancer apparently we will be going to the comedy night it's my second in a row back to back belly to belly for our colleagues in the morning Bernat McCurry concede Rosenberg. and the the pressure is on because Brian Mongol unexpectedly decided to have his friend the comedian perform with a really great comedian said Bernie and sit is lined up. good thing though he better nine palms Arden letter back is what about you so he will be on stage he'll be sharing the green room with some pretty big people I mean a hundred percent yes he's a funny guy so he's a real funny guy okay so then you're all over the Long Island circuit he's at governors he's emic wires okay broker challenges Beck all right I mean this could really expose him to maybe the big time well I mean I I've been trying to tell me how to get to the city go do more clubs in the city get more exposure so to suits came to me they actually if there was any but I knew who can do a you know a couple minutes for the brings a comedy shows of course call the Jordan he said no problem available so tonight so what I've been saying he bomb is that going to bomb well how do you know that because I know that you've seen of course is the big time this is Broadway your stay calm. out in bold. he doesn't write. ever work again no. he really likes some Canadians where they start they start like the brokerage house governors well that's not you don't have to start there those are great places comedy circuit around the country exactly I mean guys who the big guys go there just to do some you know open Mike Tyson out there tried to I would say the Klay wind change you and I will be on the stage introducing your friend yes. if he bombs because sometimes comedian so even a good one okay that's all we're going to you tomorrow morning from Bernard urgency Rosenberg let's find is how we bombed out because of you and you'll find listen I I I will take the sword I will fall on the sword nope that's very nice of you to where you live one of us some midnight if you. can you take video without or face time yelling weed out. introduction so you're gonna be on stage to be honest. when are you going with Curtis is Christian going he's talking the fun sorry Sir is it what is okay he wasn't talking to Tony doing other things what's up so you have to give like a little skit yes so to be funny I mean no. of a couple things lined up for Jordan encouraged to be right next to me so it's easy to make fun of him so that's how that's your tactic making fun of your your a colleague tell you what hi tell you what it would not have been my choice the I am preparing for the worst I really am Hey I really am yeah listening to this right now is he sleeping it like a true comic yeah exactly because you have no faith in me that I I can bring a comedian to the state to be funny now. it's from the south who are you what's going to happen he's he's from south. oh god that's even worse why this I'm sure I give you nor sure well through. I'm but that is good it's going to be good don't worry is he Jewish knows ours is the Italian now that he's going to be a lousy comedian I'm sorry not at all I'm sorry it's just the way the ladder back yes that we do not black right not black okay so there's no way I just gave you the tri factor of the really great comedians he doesn't fit in any of those kind of problem is that you. even if he is good Curtis is going to make a big production tomorrow about how horrible horse so make sure that you stick up for this guy of course I will I will to the funny guy and Christian is seen until you see him live Christian right yeah know he's a he's a funny guy are you going to be mocking Gallucci modeler twenties ups on the state no not at all why but hold on hold you'll it might not have a contest running here let's you asked that question again on in what movie to the baby Ruth candy bar make an infamous appearance. then let's go to Chris from Jersey Christie you know the answer to the jets had Juliet jeopardy question. parents guide to the best thanks in show every day can't get enough of it the answer is the groovy Ghoulies that was not my movie that I'm thinking of is that true was a baby what was the scene and why was it used. part of the movie John Matuszak played sloth and he the kid was held in hostages on my back to drop the baby Ruth bar and slots are gone all right well do you by the way Chris how how old are you by the way. five forty five. but that was my candy company the Kurdish come could produce to essence that put out for consumption the baby Ruth candy bar well that was a that was like I so obviously there have been a couple movies but that was not the movie I was told this is of it even more probably of an existing let's give another about call is an opportunity to see if they have been channeling you for your pick let's go to Dan touches is get said Juliet. linkedin to you right now then I think it would caddy shack you got it baby. I thought that was one of the funniest scenes ever especially when you're like ten years old watching the movie and you just think it's so brilliant you don't remember that scene Curtis do you wear that there's a. a baby Ruth bar floating in the water at a public pool. golf I hate okay well please it's one of the funniest movie of all time I I I I know it's hysterical I know so yeah they had to they had to evacuate sorry it's very very wooden what yet but now of next and this is a special T. unique to New Jersey home rule there with all the property taxes you pay all the ants you every taxes that you found an older survey steam this is like ghosts bus this makes sense though if you've driven a new Jersey's goes everywhere and my favorite part of Jersey bay only gateway to the world world cruise line stop yeah they have a shrink the city cannot find and they cannot figure out where it's coming from maybe all of you out there that can be helpful because the owners surveillance team sent in from Trenton knows absolutely Jack diddly squat about this one eight hundred eight four ray W. ABC that's one eight.

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