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Lake so it will help solve the suger to be stored as fat let night meal might tell your body to store a big porcelain appeared as fat instead of using it as glycogen all burning attacked of but right away then another interesting thing where light and insulin they get together is few years ago uh lives humans energetic studies to look at dive itit's uh found that melatonin this septa this is a protein that bind to melatonin and signals this sale that hey melatonin as they are do your stuff to that melatonin deceptive mutare some appeared again again in human subjects who were either vertical or overworked and that was confusing for a lot of people so that's why a lot of research went into it and now we know that the melatonin to septa his byzantine pancreas and when it and give this week melatonin than it tells the pancreas has not to secreted as much insulin so that might be the reason why at night time as we naturally buildup our melatonin level we also tell our pancreatic that this is nighttime the kitchen is closed undo can go back to sleep so it's almost like asleep signalled 210 creates and at that time if we eat than we end up storing more in fact and also keeping up lots of high powered long period of time white interesting when iraqi towns like when when people go in ketosis and night i always have background ketones because of the way i eat but i'm now at a three zero carb diet most of the time i i cycle in and out of it were not tying the were not handed pancras in at all adds there's many different pathways that are affected by key towns but i i'm unaware of of circadian research tied into ketosis but given at so many people are now doing things like bulletproof coffee or keto diets and things like that do you think that there is a role in setting circadian rhythm by manipulating fat.

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