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And then obviously this the largest guerrilla peche this year iraqis is it almost seems like sometimes they get leftarm they they've been running the iraqi army the iraqi government and an end there's a number of shiite had militias some of which are iranianbacked if where did they fit in so we'll live this there's a lot of developments there two some of them quite quite positive but but clearly the biggest challenge facing the the uh the government of iraq is is essentially how to manage the more than one hundred thousand young men who joined the popular mobilization force militias as you rightly said sabah got quite close ties to iran heavy rating revolutionary got advises attached to them or of security faultline sitting opposite the peshmerga in different parts of iraq in the north some have gone too far in syria but i should say that there are many of these militias that haven't gone to syria that the to have some distance from iran you have thought both grand ayatollah ali stunning and multilateral cetera who were nationalists who have openly called back cold for the militia any iraqis to go to syria oil swayed appeared to come back to i soil and then there's a very nice sheila streak among the ship political parties as will sir iraq not going to become iran um but they've got this very real practical problem of what do you do when she give all of these young men weapons and therefore some ivory bravely and what caught of reward and recognition to they get how do you jeweled them back into a you know a neutral political force and how to prevent some of these militias turning into servants of political parties and or seizing land and grabbing as its resources like oil and getting involved that business and i think there is a question that a lot people have been asking uh with the us support of the iraqi military and they iranian simple art of the iraqi military i is that a conflict is that is that and i think it was a little bit more understood under the obama administration now with a new trump administration seems like that could get even more it can send an ivy say not something that trump at least outwardly would support shaw i mean you know this is the interesting fact of of of.

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