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That's a hell of a double double unbelievable ties. Kobe Bryant from most points scored by visiting player at Madison Square Garden. Kobe. Did it February second two thousand nine we got hit the way back machine a little bit more than that. He's averaging fifty two point two points over the last five games at the second longest such streak of averaging fifty or more points in NBA history. He's got a while to go to catch wilt for whole season. Yeah, he's got a he's got a while to catch his needs to do it in a hundred and one more consecutive. Hundred sixteen. Wow, komo. Twenty-first consecutive games going thirty more points at the fourth such long streak in NBA history. He's four shy of catching Wiltz third. Shortest such streak. Wilt has the three in front of him from first of player to score fifty five points three times in a single calendar month since we'll Chamberlain did it in nineteen sixty three January sixty three one of the rockets this January l zero do we know that? There's six and five that's the problem. That's that's that's a current gen stat. That's an Jen stat two wins and losses, right? Six and five and all it's doing is just I imagine if they run out of gas in April, or may we'll be talking about this incredible streak, costing the rockets won't we he's not planning. He's going to be fine. Okay. Here's the best one. This is amazing. I mean, it's he's the first player with sixty or more points and fifteen rebounds against the Knicks since since wilt chamberlain's one hundred point game on March second nineteen sixty two. That's your old gen stat. Oh. The all one of Adam Sandler's greatest jokes from wilt chamberlain's one hundred point night wilt scores his ninetieth point of the night. They call time out they go into the huddle. And we'll teammate goes. Hey, wilt, I'm open. He won't the open. Joke. And we'll talk about it with see webbie's in studio coming up next and third hour. Right. What does it all mean? When you go six and five you gotta go eleven when you want to try and stick stay stay close the warriors. But I think it'd be own eleven if he's not going though, which is while be the MVP on what a five hundred team if Chris Paul can't get healthy. Eric Gordon's gotta step. I think he's looking at Gordon going this guy can't make shot right now. So guess what? I'm going to score two hundred and sixty one consecutive points unassisted. Wow. That's a facto. All right. Chris Webber see web can't wait to have him out here. That's next move over YouTube. The collider network is now on podcast one get your fix for any of your pop culture needs with shows like collider factory heroes movie. Talk jet. I council one on one with Christian harlot and movie, trivia schmo down. Download and subscribe on apple podcasts and podcast one today and remember to rate and review on apple podcasts. A vote in the Senate. I'm Donahue with an AP news minute. Senate Democrats have just blocked at Trump backed measure that would have funded border wall of money and reopen the federal government and sworn not have the as are fifty one the nays are forty seven and it's a different concept in the Senate to try to end the partial government shutdown. There have been votes going on that vote was just held in the Senate, and it was blocked the other vote would allow for the government to reopen for a few weeks and then negotiations continue on border security, Texas, Republican Ted Cruz says Democrats are to blame for the partial shutdown and the furloughing workers. But if you wanna know why you work paid. It is because the democratic leader objected to you're getting a paycheck New York. Democrat Chuck Schumer says it's hurting the economy. First quarter GDP is in the tank. Consumer confidence is falling. Our national security is suffering. I'm Ed Donahue..

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