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Know Sometimes you just too close to the picture to really see the development but You know he's He's mature dude. I think the Because it's a very talented talented curious. Cole and the blinkers really made them. Focus competition so You know. I think we're just were staying just maturity in front of eyes but again you see it every day so it's hard to really the big difference but Just a classy dude. He's got that perfect combination of common relaxing. The stall and Very competitive on the race track. That's generally good horses have that Character characteristics the other horseshoe saddle later today in the robert. B lewis is number seven. Wipe the slate to his son of your two thousand and sixteen kentucky. Derby winner nyquist. He broke his maiden impressively last time out on december twenty six now steps up the waters get a bit deeper. Tell me more about wipe the slate. Well yeah being by nyquist. Obviously he's family. You know we. We've we've been Excited about each and every one of the nyquist. We've been lucky enough to have here. He's no exception He's trained like a first round draft pick Since day one he's a chestnut actually looks more like i'll have another and he does Nyquist he's extremely talented colt You know he. We liked him a lot going into his debut and he ran into Life is good of a baffert. Who who kind of freaked that day but You know we came back. We added blinkers to him and he got a perfect track and attack kinda trip so if he can translate that Say going to turns winners in a lot of stuff going on for the first time today but He's got a lot of talent so things go his way he could do some good stuff. I notice doug by the way visiting with doug o'neill here on the horse racing radio network. I noticed that you've given wipe the slate to sprint races before you stretch them out to. Today's malan sixteen distance. You did the same thing with hot rod. Charlie giving him to sprints before he stretched out eventually Is that a philosophy. Approach that you use with these young horses. You're getting them started you. You'd like to but sometimes it's just timing and it's the communication you have with the the owners of the horse Just trying to get everyone on the same page You know once the horse signalling you that he's ready to run. And you're at the mercy of the condition book. What are they offer. What races are out there so it's a couple of sprint is a good thing to go by You know 'cause once you go to turns forces have to relax. They've got a really breathes turn so they're going to be out of here by the second turn so you know you want him to be a little bit sure and p the paddock and pisa post sprayed and see the gate a couple times before you try to teach racists because it does require some mature breathing and Yeah it It'll be interesting today. i think. Wipe the slate. He got the beer underneath them and though he likes the to turn race i think he's got the ability one. Thanks for sure you're gonna find out what you have with these two horses today because this is a salty group in the robert b lewis. It really is. I mean anytime you're you're talking about for just has unbelievable barn. He's so successful and and You know how to get one ready for the big races so Yeah with medina spirit. There's no telling how good he is closely. He's been out working Spielberg a little bit. their low sal charity winter. So those who looks Lights out You got the john sheriff's Parnelli could You know he's gonna rebound from that last race where he kind of broke out a little bit lost a lot of chance to start so it's not a huge feel very competitive field and get anybody that runs a good race. Today you know has every right to think You know we're we're on the road. Douglas in your eyes. Oh gracious with your time and really appreciate you spending a little visit with me here this morning. Good luck today and With all the horses moving forward you're the best. Thank for having me my. Keep up the great work..

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