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The coastal shelves under the under the ocean where they literally have this I use that is full of natural gas of those estimates are ten times as large as all the gas reserves in the world so there's really no evidence that we're running out of of resources so that argument doesn't work very well either what now what's your take on a hundred U. S. cities that have pledged to be a hundred percent renewable by twenty fifty yeah it's it's it's a big fan of it we have give you some extreme sample Saint Louis that's where I am right now but Israel right now is I think like twenty thirty five they want to be a hundred percent electricity renewable but the state of Missouri gets about seventy to seventy seven percent of their power from a coal electrical power in ninety seven percent from non renewable sources Ohio is similar both Cincinnati in Cleveland mayors are city councils of pledge they're going to be a hundred percent renewable Ohio is three percent renewable today of these so the city leaders have absolutely no idea how to do this and what it's going to cost but the evidence we see around the world as it is going to raise energy prices for the residents the big issue too is scientists are warning of a major sea level rise by twenty one hundred and of course they're blaming the carbon dioxide pollution for this they are former vice president Al Gore in in his movie and in his books talked about a twenty foot rise by the year twenty one hundred he got that data from Dr James Hansen the at NASA others have predicted big rice's but we have very good data tide gauges anti.

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