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Thirty five generations and yet right they may not be watching tv i mean it's so funny i was on a tv show in palm springs and it had just been so facing just and sold and they were trying to get a younger audience and i told the producer that i was doing the segment where i said but they're not watching tv you know they watch everything else but tv and why mess with formulas that successful but that's what the new management wanted and i thought that was really interesting but we met let me the ask something before remembered the the super bowl that was tv and there's a lot of things going around and baas about the commercials it's the commercials are as important as the actual game right because but the we'll if you look at it the commercials have more of an appeal because they're reaching a much broader segment the super bowl at self in the game is turned into people who football but in the events world and gladys you can identify with this right you may not love football or even care as long as new new orleans saints are not in the super bowl i really don't care who win bet on a little biased but i love the events that goes along with the super bowl right i love the come rotary with friends and family it's a gathering place where people and that you know the event industries hold that bringing people together ray shared experience the super bowl doug that and the commercials from twenty different industries reach twenty different segments of consumers whereas the game itself reaches football fans when you look at it from that perspective it's like okay yeah the commercials are becoming more important and that's why they're also as you know expensive they are because those you know networks know how many people that they're reaching and they do impact from it crew bent so we're going to back to the face to face you're a gathering some people to experience one type of event it is and this translate back into the other question about will yes face to face is important and while millennials may not be watching tv.

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