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I'm expecting Jimmy Garoppolo to be in the mix. And now if it's not Sam Donald Garoppolo to be the next quarterback of the New York Jets. And if it's Garoppolo and were drafting the Vontae Smith and suddenly we're signing a couple of the guys because we got like $80 billion. Hey, maybe where the Super Bowl next year, you know the Jaguars. We need a couple of years. You know, they'll get used to things with with with with Lawrence's stuff they're gonna be like in four years. We could be their next year, Mike, we could go from two and 14 to the Super Bowl. Well, we just need Jimmy Garoppolo to stay healthy and get back to performance. So we could talk about Jimmy more frequently than we have in recent memory, because I mean, it's been a minute. Yeah, it has been digitally drop in a jag for a while. Now, Jimmy drops that kind of been my favorites. Because tight shirt just always cycles through them. You know, we get the Jimmy Then we get there. Jimmy and Jimmy and then that way. Get that. So what I should have got to find a way to get them all back now, eh? So listen, These are both great hires right? Urban Meyer is a great hire The Jets and the Jaguars because you want to talk about what the big fits are what The good fits are These are two of the best jobs that are out there because and the charges is the other one right? One of the three best jobs out there. It's Jaguar's Jets Chargers. Why Jaguars comes with everything you need. We talked about the beginning of the show. Trevor Laurence, number one. You already have good offensive and defensive, young talent on that team, and you have all kinds of money to spend. Urban Meyer's going to have the Jaguars and the Super Bowl in the next four years. I mean, they're going to be there. They have everything going for them. The Jets is a great job because you have all kinds of money to spend. You have the number two overall pick in the draft. It's not quite as good as the Jaguars, but it's still a really, really good opening. And now for the charges, of course that comes with an offense. It's ready to go. It's like here, just here's the keys. What is this is a great sports car. Just take it around and, you know, do your own thing and drive it. The charges is a great job because it comes Ready to go. But the fact that here is urban Meyer, who was really ticketed to the Jaguars and nobody else We mentioned this last night on the show. And maybe this is the Jets listening to me, And that would be great if they are, man. Oh, my goodness is that we told you how slow the head coaching market was going in the NFL and that nobody's really been hired yet, And I don't understand why, Because even though it's Cove it, it's 2021. You're having. People interview first via Zoom, then you're bringing them in in person. It's difficult to travel. Robert Saleh has been available for 10 or 12 days, and he's the one guy everybody wants. How is he not hired by now? Same thing. Arthur Smith has had time off Eric, the enemy had time had a weak team to make interviews. Before you had to make a decision. The market's moving really, really slow. And and we told you that it's gotta move. It's it's got to get bigger and someone's got to do something. Because you're if you wanna wait and say, Well, there's these eight guys. We like. Well, guess what? You're gonna lose out in the top three or four of them. You know if there's four or five good offensive coordinators you want to talk about. We gotta talk to Joe Brady. We're gonna talk about You talk to too many guys, You're gonna lose those first couple of guys right? So Urban Meyer to the Jaguars Robert Saleh, who was the number 11 a guy at worst. This coaching cycle, Right salad Arthur Smith with the two guys Everybody wanted. Sal is gone. If Arthur Smith is still unhygienic 24 hours, I will be stunned My Carmen because now the coaching carousel just started moving like that, and decisions are going to be made fast need to be made quickly and decisively. He's already had a couple of interviews. You're gonna have to say all right, it's not Perfect situation right now. We kind of have to go with our gut or we're gonna be stuck Making the best out of here is maybe a choice Number five and six we had for our head coach. We gotta hire one of these guys. The Jaguars were decisive. The Jets were decisive right after we mentioned it last night, and now you're going to see other teams have to do it that way, Because the best teams the best decisions were made by the two teams with the best openings. You have the Jaguars you had the Jets. Now they both got their guys. Yeah, Those were the three teams, including the Chargers, where everything was set up. You know, the only thing getting concerned me in Jacksonville in and I'll mention it again was that report that talked about shot con picking the regional being hands on with the roster? How the hell is that any different than Jerry Jones? Except for the color of the logo side of that wall? It's right. I mean, it's it becomes the same thing. And I don't get the benefit of playing in Dallas or coaching in Dallas. And all of those things s O. That was the only part of it that that struck me. But If you want to go and hand over a big check. That means you're also probably going to be willing to give up some of that power. And so now the wheel starts to spin a little faster. Now the one guy in all of this process that you wonder what it becomes for him. Is Eric the enemy because he can't interview anymore. Uh, right. So if you were undecided in your left and said, Hey, we'll talk again. Well, that doesn't happen unless the Browns beat him. Maybe they do or they go on and well, they play the following week or win the Super Bowl and lose the Super Bowl. Whatever, but you don't want to wait that long, right? That's another 34 weeks. In your off season to start putting plans in place. Sure, you can't have everybody in the building right now. But the idea that you can at least start the process of reviewing college tape and potential free agents and start working and finessing Your salary cap restrictions because a couple of these places it's not pretty. Right. That's the other part of trying to hire. Wait. I only have have restrictions here here here like trying to sell the Houston job. Especially, Shawn Watson doesn't want to be that stuff, right? I mean, we have no money. We're locked into JJ Watt, who is good. Couple plays the game where you re V makes an impact. I'm not saying he's done, but for what he's getting paid per year relative to your salary cap and again, it's not my money, but it does affect how you get to spend elsewhere. It becomes ah, pretty big deal and the guy that gets hired, you know, first order of business. Is it all right? If we figured out whether to Shawn wants a beer or not, So take that out of the mix. I've said all along the turnkey. Operation, and all of this was the Chargers when they went seven and nine, but for a couple of decisions down the stretch in a number of games, there's a playoff team. Right. You've got tell. And you're missing a couple of key components. You know to injury. Not that everybody wasn't affected. But you know, you gotta figure out how to make Derwin James. Not the next Bob Sanders. Look it up people. That's football knowledge, right? Get you, Bob Sanders, you know, go hard guys, but also just a guy who was fantastic when he was available to the Colts during those years. But for the Jaguars, I mean, you get to go in with all those draft picks and and a giant pile of money. And the cachet of state. Look, I win everywhere. Just follow me. Come with me. If you want to live. It's a beautiful thing. And then with Robert Saleh, I mean, you know, you got the clips from Richard Sherman and all these other guys and they're walking testimonials of what he is in terms of being a lever and for the Jets again, as long as ownerships gets the hell out of the way, Douglas and he could be quite formidable there..

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