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Right final break into the home stretch jason corey asked that you spoken about using a bunch full poltical punk cahan i o s but it seems that it's still impossible putt cuss using iowa's only are you still using farai and do you have any tips portable punched i'm still using fair i i love fair i it is the best deal it is the best value in audio editing especially pike casting that exists i actually had a friend say all right i'm getting frustrated with daddy or garage band i've had a few people say this what do you think about where i go from here and it's like wow there's logic which costs a lot of money in addition costs a lot of money and i said well do you have a recent ipad and do you like your ipad because you could get for twenty bucks and it does at all it's a great deal you've got to have a relatively recent i paddle though it's it work phone too so i love it i think it's fantastic piece of software i would love to have it on the mac because i it does everything i needed to do whereas logic does everything needed to do and like ten thousand other things that i don't need it to do that sometimes i pressed the wrong key and it does that and don't know what to do because i don't know what mode i'm in now and it's really weird so i love it impossible to podcast using only it's not impossible but it's hard that's the problem because apple has not put us sound stuff we talk about audio hijack and luke bac bring features to the mac that probably should have ios has got nothing you can't rogue amoeba can't write an app to bridge the gap on irs because apps aren't allowed access to the audio stuff and so until that changes which maybe i don't know if it'll ever happen at this point i'm kinda beaten down about whether they're ever gonna ask add more sound access to apps in ios but until then you gotta jump through hoops so there are a bunch of different ways to do it like the most common way to do podcasting ios is and you risk if everybody's on iowa's you really risk not having a backup but if you've got some people on the mac and some people on ios or macro pc you can have somebody record the whole call that's your backup that's your emergency backup and like if you're on ios well you just need to record your microphone using a device it could use.

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