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Radio six eighty WCBS now, once again here's We're back to the Tom Moore. Show we went out to the sounds of of ROY orbison how could you cannot be a good. Night, when you got ROY orbison coming coming on the show anyway we got some more things to. Talk about with with about judge Moore. In, Alabama and whatever let's. Go to Bob and, park Ville Bob welcome to the show Bob you welcome to the show. Starting, to keep you waiting I agree Guy too. Young early he's only fifty three when he won the amazing thing. About him I'll tell you, something that that the Beatles. Opened in their early days the Beatles open for for ROY orbison And they and they credit, some of their success to ROY orbison Chuck Berry yeah absolutely He's he's he's one of, the real. Great, anyway I wanna. To, talk, about this whatever he's down in Alabama Yeah Any normal? Man Well Mark upon, a manner thirty two thirty three years old and in a position of power on top of this as as a judge you when the time is District. Attorney, he's still at absolutely anybody, is thirty two thirty three years old and wants to start dating girls fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen years fishing wrong with that guy absolutely Normal if you can't, get somebody your own age or your own. Age That tells you something about him Yeah Sick at big, problem and you guys say that don't get cure from. It I hate to tell him, that but that's the. Truth and this is business, says And then he says he, doing this going out. With those young girls yeah But I always got their parents permission let me tell. You Had come, to my house and I, got a fifteen year old, daughter and he says to me I. Wanted to your daughter Hey guy couldn't run I couldn't agree more first of all I can't believe that any any parrot of a fifteen sixteen year old will allow that child to go out with a thirty, two or thirty three year, old man thing worse than Not any worse when Charles a child Why would why wouldn't he edge? Can, I go out with. Your wife yeah that's That's No it's, it's, it's. It's it's just beyond the pale it and you know something if it was one, woman one young girl that said that you'd, say, okay maybe this is, really that's who. Knows she's trying to get their minute of, fame but it was multiple women and and not only, that but the corroborated by parents or of their their girlfriends at.

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