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You for. I am my name's winston and i'm green cowboy and enzo parts per bird of paradise. Park man winstons. Dad did actually his grandfather. Technically i'm your father to you know and i love you. I'm felix part boy park. Jerry how is that possible with at iraq's california. What's like a commune immune. We're working on a newspaper that we're putting on off bathroom stalls around the world news on every bathroom stall the toilet paper get it. We're charity bird. How previously on cherry burke. How are you man i. I'm not exactly sure. I seem to well. He has my map of odd stuff. And they're looking at each other's is that sounds so weird. Okay winston towns law to the sons getting real low. Their green guy jeff mushrooms. I've never seen before. Stay right where you are. We'll be right there. Well dudes like after we talk to you guys at home to the cemetery at something. Something pretty big happened. We recorded the whole thing and we'll play it at the end of the show. Winston is safe sound. And he's with us right now but he's still he's still pretty shaken. Today's date is february. Sixteenth two thousand and twenty one mardi gras or fat tuesday. Dude you wanna tell them. What mardi gras is well. It's a carnival celebration kind of thing between the christian holidays of piff any or three kings day and shrove tuesday. That's just before ash wednesday. It's usually quite a party with masks beads now. The masks are different and covert his taken. A lot of the fun away yet did like govan's change in history and history is important and speaking a history. It's also black history month real close to the idyllwild arts they're highlighting black artists icons that inspire us daily and another place that celebrates history new jersey doing. It's that napoleon thing that's right that little guy. He had an older brother. Joseph and he lived in new jersey to nyc napoleon that french emperor. He never lived in new jersey but his older brother. Joseph he's once the king of naples and then spain and he built this huge state in one thousand nine hundred sixteen called point briesen board bordentown and like a thirty eight thousand square foot mansion. It contain this huge wine cellar art collection in this colossal library. Now the state warrenton in a land trust what point breeze and they plan to preserve new jersey's connection to royalty and the bonaparte family and turned the sixty acres and to a public park dad. That's so cool. Yup preserving history did it would be totally cool if they turn it into a football stadium and a sportscenter or maybe even like an industrial park. I think a public park is fine. But how cool would it be to go to the polian complex. Why don't you go check on. Maybe all called boxer blue and bram to talk to them about the park. They live in new jersey police complex. It's not even funny. And while i'm alone let me tell you something else. That isn't funny. This pandemic hits threatening a lotta things. Like like music in the ozarks. How has it bad for music. Well in southern missouri. You'll find the ozarks and they play some unique music. It sounds a little like this later. He kind of became bluegrass. But this music. it's not written down. Heck the old guys like me call cheek music chicken scratch and they learn music by year and they pass it down by planned together and they call him jam sessions or are hootenanny. He's and the pandemic well. Hey can't get together to pass on the music to the younger folk and the guys playing music now heck. They're getting old. Most of them are even over seventy and they can pass on the music. Because i can't get together. Music is great songs like last train. Home pig ankle rag arkansas traveler. It's sad that those sounds may be lost. I'm hoping we can get together soon. Dude like winstons. Fine what did you say about people getting together. Pandemic is making it hard for people to get together. It keeps us apart safe distances but by the time the pandemic is over will have a new way to get together. Do they make something good out of this stupid pandemic roads. How do those face masks shields. That's a lot of waste but someone from. Rit university melbourne australia. They learned how to recycle the plastic and like they're using it to create material that they make roads with it makes his end. Wow so it's gonna reduce waste and they don't have to use as much as the other raw materials to make roads. It's a win win dude. I hope they do that here. Too man. I see enough masks on the side of the road already. It's kinda sad. I hope we can solve that to You know what. I see on the side of the road that i wish we could fix know. What did all those homeless people. It's sad but there is a guy that's helping and it's kind of nice. It's actually kind of cool. it's very cool in chicago. It's freezin and this guy named robert j he's going around and buying tamales from those street vendors those guys stand by the carts outside in the cold weather he walks up and buys them all says you can go home and they do and he takes those tamales and he gives them to the homeless. So it's another win win. Great idea did we should totally do that. Yup we definitely should do more good deeds. Everyone should good people man. They're hard define and we lost a good person again recently and a good actor. Christopher plummer yup did he were talking about losing the sound of music before christopher plummer was in that movie uk napoleon complex pun was enough. You don't need to go any further. He wasn't even proud of that movie for a while. He called it like the sound of mucus. And that's not funny. Cut it out. Did he was good. He played hamlet macbeth. Richard the third mark anthony and other of those shakespeare great and then when he finally won an oscar at the age of eighty-two during his speech he looked at the oscar instead. You're only two years older than me. Darling where have you been all my life. He also said later view that he had given up trying to be like just wanted to be himself. He was good at being other people here. Who is speaking of other people. Maybe we should tell the other people what happened to winston. Yeah that's okay so if you listen to the last episode winston was lost and he found the cemetery and all these weird tombstones. One was a statue of a famous ice sculpture from town. There was a mini mausoleum devoted to legendary girdle infertile twins of iraq's fame and then there was a.

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