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6 40 Conway showed Gina Grant is with us. We're keeping an eye on what's going on in Washington, D C obviously and also we've got the motel six and blowing apart where the high speed chase ended there as well. So any word on either one of them. We'll get on it right. There's also some news coming out of Facebook and Twitter. There's ah woman on on NBC right now, talking about what social media might do here in the aftermath of what happened today in Washington, D. C for us for more on the thinking behind the decision and what exactly, it amounts to Savannah. These major tech companies. Some of the most powerful companies in the world are under tremendous pressure tonight to do even more than just to spend the president temporarily. So far what we know Facebook and Instagram have locked his accounts for 24 hours. That means you won't be allowed to post within that period of time. Twitter, also instituting a 12 hour lock and, interestingly warning of a permanent suspension if he continues to violate the rules. At Twitter, and so they're taking action faster and more aggressively than they ever have before. But this comes as a lot of critics are saying, Look, you have done too little too late because so much of this violence that's right wing extremism. Disinformation has been allowed to grow and blossom on social media for years now, with Piecemeal policies that have been put into place. But the president has been allowed Tol act more freely because of his position, his authority and his position of power. What's really interesting is we just got confirmation of Mark Zuckerberg's internal email to Facebook employees, and he has been long under fire for saying that you know, this is a free speech issue for the president and for politics in general, Well, not so much allowing that inside his company, but he did tell employees to do In a memo. He's calling this a dark moment in our nation's history, calling it mob violence, not just protests, and Zuckerberg says he's treating this situation as an emergency and that Facebook is implementing additional measures to keep people safe. Now this is coming as there are ongoing calls for these social media companies. To do more. But so far Twitter really outfront, putting it plainly, saying if the president continues to violate their terms of service their policies against hate and violence, they are actively considering permanently suspending him. And, of course, as we all know, Twitter is the president's of seemingly his favorite megaphone for getting his message out there and Hi. I am Yes. Oh, Twitter and Facebook. Might suspend him, although it's weird because Twitter has a page up there. It's been up there for three. Almost four years on it's on, says Donald Trump is an illegitimate president. It's still up there. But the violence that's not considered disinformation, right? But the one that's the there's another website up there with I think is like 1.7 million followers that Biden is, you know, not a legitimate president that was taken down. But the Trump is not a legitimate president that is still up there. So I guess there is some picking and choosing. You know, there's an alternative to Twitter, and I only recently became familiar with it. Or ever heard of it are do you know what it is? I don't It's called parlor. Yeah, I know. Yeah, I know. I've heard apartment. Yeah, like, did not come onto my radar until recently. But, yeah, that's like that's kind of its growing in popularity very quickly. Is that right? Yeah. Or do you have Ah, Parlor account? No, but but rabbit. So should I. You think someone's gonna take Gina grad? Oh, not anymore. And take it gone. Gina grabbed one. That's me, but that's the thing. It's It's very you know, like no holds barred, say whatever you want, do whatever you want, and that could be you know that That could be a little scary. But if you're into, you know, free speech and kind of having it be the wild, Wild West. That's where people are going. Well, that's what Twitter Woz, right. You know, when I first started, man, it was brutal. You know, everything was on there. Yeah, I remember. There were there were people there were you know, I you know, kids. Remember those old stories. Where there was a kid that wanted to kill himself. And there was another girl saying you. Maybe maybe you should. Yes. Yes. And she got charged? Yes, right. Yeah, And she was charged with accessory to Ah, you know, to a homicide, right? Yeah. Suicide. Which is crazy. I? That was the old days. Yeah, that's over. Yeah, the new days. I think I got suspended one time and I couldn't figure out why. And I was like terrorist looking Thistle's a couple years ago it like it was I was locked out. And it said Like your pages under review, and I thought, What did I write? Did I did I drop too many chefs that's possible, But I can't think of anything else. So sometimes people just report you, and then they have to review it. I got suspended once, but it was I gotto overturn very quickly because I was just kidding. But somebody said, uh Somebody that was like following or somebody on, Twitter said. You know, the Conway's show sucks have no idea how we ever landed in radio and I wrote Yeah. We should go after him and try to kill him, right? But I wrote on my page as Conway. Right. There you go. You're immediately suspended. You know, you need to contact so And so I'm like, Well, I know it. I'm him. Yeah. I said about me and like, okay, we just please don't do that again, right? Yeah. What's wrong with you creating extra work for this people? And they're like you might need some help outside of Twitter, young man. We'll gladly dip into our pocket to cover your co pay right? Exactly. And I'm like, No, It's just a way to get people stop doing that being overly aggressive on it. Let's go after him. Let's get him and go. Whoa! I don't mean that. No, Jesse Jackson stuff was great. All right. But anyway, Congress is reconvening after they sterilized the Senate me the Congress there because there a lot of people in there without mass son today lots of people. Let's find out what's going on here Live. That is an ex to it. A certificate from an authority the stick. This is Vice president Pence talking about the electoral college. Let's find out what he has to say. Here we conceived 29 votes, Florida that the tellers verified appears.

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