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Use coupon code be H H hey welcome back to bachelor happy hour and I'm talking to Mike Johnson and Mike we're just kinda. Go straight to it. WE'RE GONNA get into it at this point. We know that you weren't chosen to be the next bachelor. I'm still not over it but I wanNA know how you feel about it. So were you in talks to be the next bachelor. One hundred percent talks to be the next bachelor. I think a a lot of people wanNA know because people are upset right. You're not you're not the bachelor. People are rioting. I'm leading it but a lot of people don't even think that you were considered to be the bathroom so that's why I wanted to lead off with that question and pied anything else consider to be the Bachelorette because I was trying to be respectful of the crew Abacha world and I don't want to speak about it. Even when I went on TV I thought that was being extremely respectful in a gentleman of me to the bachelor world and Peter in it. I don't think Peter did those interviews and so he didn't have to go through that I one hundred percent one to be the bachelor reasons being because one two and find a wife to it was bigger than me and I wanted to represent for all people of Color and then also talking about people of color they need to have Asian Bachelor and you have Indian Bachelor and you have other people outside is black and white and so I want to speak on that as well but I did audition with the Bachelor and I one hundred percent did wants to be the bachelor. I think that's important for people to know to This isn't a an instance. Where are you offering? You turned it down. You wanted it and you didn't get it. So how did you feel when you found out you were not chosen to be the bachelor I found out in the trailers you know before you go on Bachelor in Paradise Reunion and I knew it all right now my head yes. I wanted to be the bachelor. Yes auditioned to be a bachelor. I went in there with the right. Intentions of WANNA find wanted to be true to myself. You might have seen Iraqi and come back. I had a list a word document of the type of woman. I wanted what I was scared. I wasn't scared of and I think ultimately it just came down to. They chose the right person for what they want and there's nothing wrong with that at all. When I I found out I was? I'm not gonNA I was sad. I was annoyed when I very first found out but then I think by the end of the night I wasn't annoyed no more because I was appreciative you've and thankful that they told me no right into their because now I can focus on myself and I'm just blessed because I know my wife and my Queen Mike this is a really really big of you and it makes me still want you to be the bachelor even more. I'm more of set this podcast uh-huh telling you don't you edit this out. I have upset and I just I. I hadn't even met you. You know. Most people don't know is that we have a mutual friend. My chimenti from college is one of your best friends so I could speak to your character outside of what I saw on the show and now I'm sitting here in front of you and I'm just I'm might shed a tear. I'm so upset that you're not the bachelor and this is what I have to say and I'll ask you this too because you've just been so open and honest honest and really respectful and how you're handling this whole process. This is nothing against Peter Peter on the show and a lot of times people will confuse. You said we had Peter on the show. Peter seems lovely straight lined vanilla but lovely and I it's not that I don't I think he'll make a great bachelor. I think that you know he'll he's very been higgins. Ask I think they'll surround him with an entertaining cast two masters his learn I I again so I'm saying all that to say it is not a knock against nothing against Peter About Peter being bastard. Do you think a good one. I think Peter is a look and deal with his five o'clock shadow. He has a a fun Super Fun job. His family's amazing his little brother. I know personally he's dope kid and when I say cost him only thirty one. I think I would have been more entertaining. I said it and I'M GONNA stick by my word yeah. I think you'd be entertaining to wait. What Oh oh he said? Peter has a as a fun job. I don't think he's had that job after the Bachelor I disagree. Peter is in love with being a pilot no no. I don't think it's up to him. Oh you know what I mean. I'm sure he'd get another job or something. I'm just saying his own plane he might maybe they'll let them take a sabbatical. I don't know it's hard. I think that's why a lot of times you see people on the show who have jobs or lack thereof of jobs because it's hard to ask your employer for time off so I'm not saying that as a knock appear I'm just saying you. It's going to be hard for him to be able to do. Both is what I'm saying. Now's a financial advisor. So therefore I have a boss can do say it again. you really answered my questions very well. I appreciate that I was trying to get messier anything but you were very matter of fact and I think it is what it is. I will ask you this are you. Are you disappointed with the lack of diversity on the show so that's one of the things I spoke about to the producers if I were to be the bachelor and I said that I wanted to be representative of America as far as the women that or be on the show if I were to be cast as a bachelor like I also feel that more people of color and I know Peter mom is of Latin descent but come on won't Peter's White all right. Let's be honest and so I'm not talking about things advantage. I'm talking about. I WANNA fool on Indian guy or full on Asian girl for some reason as I like Asian girls. I like Sydney She Beijing. I didn't know that about myself until oil paired is about all experience you love women. It's what you feel. I think that's great. Do you think that not getting the Bachelor is the best thing you never had right now about say right now 'cause I'm focused on his in the moment and so I know that if I were to be the bachelor it will come a lot more scrutiny into my personal life into my family's personal life into my sister and things of that nature and maybe as God's website is not the right time for you to be an spotlight and the whole point of going on the show is a fire person and so I wanna make sure that that's the president's I wanted to find my wife. I wonder if I'm Queen and so if I'm not on the Bachelor you know I've been blessed to be opened up to a plethora of people that know my face and so I may the woman still yeah. Let's talk about that. Let's talk about God's plan and the women that you've Been Open Up to meet Aka Demi Levato. Oh we gotta talk about it. Okay because Demi Levato is a fan of the show and I have not seen her this involved ever so spill the T. Swansea. I want to see you said to drake lines by the way you say why I'm upset. I'm a fan of a drake civility on amy okay. I'll ask you more pointed questions because I always answer. I would always answer questions. You've gotta ask them. Have you met yes and I have met in person. How many times we met we met more than once on? Let me just tell you who is not going to be on Peter Season Demi levato okay. None of those girls can even stand in the same room with Demi Levato so you you are already winning. Let me just tell you this Mike Johnson and give them a name. No no minimum okay Mike Johnson. How is she? I think she's amazing as and she's incredibly humble when she and her and I are together or have my God I'm saying is that don't say anything. That's going to mess up the relationship ship. 'cause I no not at all. I'm extremely respectful when denial together it's laughter and we talk about real shit like she's as a down to Earth woman and I respect you so much and she's really humbled really cool really fun down to Earth person and she's from Texas from sex her body too so that's cool okay. You sound well acquainted. It's my job to see through this. I will say that I have met Demi Lovato as she did not have this reaction to me. She's just be like. I don't even know if she knew I was on the bachelor. She took a picture with me and walked. He's an extremely sweet woman. No no she seems really sweet and Is there anything else that maybe you want to tell us. What is the status of your relationship with Demi? Demi Lovato must satisfy the relation with me and I are that we are two people exploring each other. I like it. I like it so what's next for you. My Johnson was next for me so I am really big into and I really care about self love and insecurities and so I'm I am working on something right now to help raise people's self love in lower their insecurities through a media platform. I love this and I'm GonNa tell you why this is so necessary. Sorry so we just did a podcast with Blake and it went so deep it had to be two parts and what I loved about that podcast is he was so open conformable. I mean you met Blake you saw the drama but he talked about the darker side of being in batter nation which a lot of people don't hit him up about it and and I really think that you guys should team up together and really help people through this because everybody wants to see the war on TV and you know people are Schilling or they're going to all these events but you know that lasts for most people six months and then the whole new crop of Bashar contestants come in and you're lucky if you can sustain it longer than that and and when you don't it's the dark side of things or if you have a bad experience and it plays out on a public platform like blake sted. It's the darker side of things I'm excited to hear that you're doing something positive and I think it can really reach and help a lot of people are completely. I've had family members and friends commit suicide and you know become hurt really bad by mental health and the people that are in the public eye that were once in the star now they're down at the bottom and so plays a a real.

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