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Murray's jewelry including her engagement ring at an antique ring from her grandmother even though we know they were on the home for about six minutes you you feel thrilling exposed and violated it's a hard lesson to learn a surveillance camera in the backyard captured the image of the suspects leaving the home and they they were later seen using the couple's stolen credit card that stores in the university village and even a wearing their clothing other homeowners later told so that the same people stole from them during an open house the state supreme court says a juvenile can be charged with distributing child pornography if they send an unsolicited picture of themselves it was a sixty three ruling had down yesterday a dissenting justices minors who sent images of themselves to adults could face harsher punishment that adults who send them to minors a new parking idea in seattle is four apartment garages were not all the stalls were taken to open their doors to the general public and allow apartment orders to make a little more money in the process it's that idea that brian stevens with the seattle depart open of construction and inspection says could ease the street parking crunch and the city so this opens up a new market for parking in your community in a building that might just be across the street from where you live a recent survey found that thirty five percent of all parking stalls sit empty in residential buildings this draft legislation is up for public review through october fifth that it gets forward that the city council final vote could come sometime into some komo news time 508 there's a big changes for hundreds of students who take the ferry to vast sean island every day the new code of conduct in sterling with the ferry system says there's been trouble in the past with rowdy behaviour are regulated by the united.

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