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Next day and man they're they're and guarantee stuff, is, is bulletproof and, again they don't advertise They should. I just share good information with you that's what we're all about here we're we're. About, adding value to. Your life it's what we. Do here it's it's not. Scratching item that is a, straight up top shelf. Stuff that we do. Here let's see what I just lost track of what the hell I was, doing this oh it's. A Dave Dave welcomed. On the, edge thank you I requested Yeah. I'm waiting what's the question I'm looking, at my official ballot still vote and I find Brenda Jones name here under the Republican party. And twice under the? Democratic, Party how does that work. Well I wouldn't, have a clue first of all I. Don't know who Brenda Jones is I don't know what she's running for what the ballot as you're, looking at what the district is. And I don't have? A, clue I. Mean is there What's that Okay. That's fine my other question is is I talked to you the other day about John. J. away we're not done with this. One yet I wanna know What what is she running for. And what district Okay State Senator six district Brenda Jones under, Republican where's the? Six where's the sixth? District? What what's what's the? Geography, well we're in, Wesleyan. So Me think about this guy you're in the sixth, district I mean I'll talk to you about the candidates when you say district six I wouldn't have a clue. What we can slow down but so she's running for what. State, Senator she's running under with. Two separate party designations that that's not right I would. Call up and find out what that's all about well that's what I was wondering she's on, here in three? Places twice for the? Democrats? And once for the? Republicans, in the same, office Pardon for the same office State Senator. Six district Representative in congress. Thirteenth district. Legislative? Stay center sixth district Well, hang on a second let's take the slower and what I'm asking, you is is this woman who listed in three places under to party designations she running for the same office. Less Senator something? Else or she running for Republican for. Senator democrat for dogcatcher what. Is it Well I guess he's running. Republican and democrat At the same time I know that but as she, running Republican and democrat for the same office maybe. They're, three different women with the same name Okay I'll. Buy that okay I wouldn't buy it here's what I do, and I'm dead serious about this when you whatever Hanging. When, you get off the. Phone it's too late, now because they all went home at four thirty You? Want to call your city clerk and you wanna, say w. t. f. what is this who's? This. Woman why she listed like this before you vote now. What was your other question about John James okay I talked to you the other day about John James. I remember you talked to so many people that I don't know People I don't know but anyway go ahead Okay Now that Trump is back. Him does that mean anything, to you, know because let me finish, it slow you down. To I have to get a Marlin Perkins in here with Jim in. There Dart and tranquilizer This is what you. Do to me you read. Me up man hang. On. A second okay here's the deal Trump's. Endorsement of John James means nothing to me and it should be nothing. To anybody else and here's why Trump endorsed Luther strange when you should have, endorsed MO Brooks where we take number of cases on this and what did we? Wind up with we wound up with ROY Moore splitting everything, up the middle and we wound up. With a democrat so how did that Trump endorsement work? Out for you Not. Good yeah now here's why Trump's endorsing John James and here's why Trump is endorsing Bill Schutte because. He's playing the he doesn't know, anything about John James he has. Known anything, about Bill Schutte I'm, sure he likes the fact that John James playing the odds. As black and they'll. Stand a good chance of beating a woman I mean I did you know that factors into it that definitely factors. Into the people in Washington talking to him about this now I if John James makes the cut I'll vote. For him but the bottom line is is I don't think he's. Necessarily the best candidates that's just me. Personally now you on judgment. On this but the. Trump. Endorsement is irrelevant and again Donald Trump. Right now and I had a long talk with Corey Lewandowski about this. They're playing the odds I get that they want what they consider to be, the safest bet because they want as many Republicans as possible I agree with that? Strategy and they also want they consider to be the person, best positioned to do that they're not. Looking at the best candidate which really sucks and pisses Me off and. I told loan dusky. That but that no that's that's it he's getting the advice to say okay here's the guy that looks like he's. A shoe and so we want to back because he is he's a Republican that's it so he's not saying. Oh John James is the best candidates sorry I'm not buying that That's what I wanted, to, know, I was rather shocked when. I, seen the advertisements so They're all saying that by the way they're all saying that I mean shoot he's acting like Trump's. Is best, friend like they ended up, doing shots together in a strip club, or something I mean I gotta tell you again. It's? It's a numbers game with Trump? And I, get that. Because he, needs Republic yet what what are they used. To say Burma Bailey Circus therapy, Barnaby say we got to put. Asses in the. Seats that's what Trump's trying to do put Republican, asses in the seats that's what's going thanks for listening. To my show by the way are you going to call comback and let. Me know I wanna know you. Report back to us and find out what that. Multiple And I also want, to say that I'm one hundred percent for Patrick well..

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