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On the companies to make sure that the quarterly gains are great and that prices stay down one way to do that is to pay europe pero employs a whole bunch and nothing so glass door the website last door said in and out was the number four best placed to work beating out google it beat out link thin it beat out salesforce so if you're it if you're at inandout you're pretty good that's incredible i bet it's really hard to get hired there i've some breaking sexual harassment news oh laid on me through find a different way to say that tell me the news value the news all right so awards season here we are right we already know the james franco has seen some backlash from his accusations and even though he's been nominated for a couple of words he didn't get the oscar nomination cost not even an asterik not even like barry bonds at the asterik wheel home run record you just don't even get to play casey affleck will not present the best actress oscar at the awards in uh in march well why would he because he won best actor last ira at usually they're the ones who the best actor presents the best accurate are the next year at siro remember up his people or when franco presented the award the last thing and it what is franco doing on stage and the stories about casey affleck are much worse than the stories about james franco there were two women who who accused casey affleck of harassment from i think it's eight years ago and listen that came up last year during his campaign to win best actor and he's limor like why are you listening to me why listen to me and it was still that culture of oh shut up honey kinda thing he's a great actor look at that performance not anymore nope nope they're gonna be paying for our what's the harvey once these we have a couple of minutes before mark calls a lemme dig it up here cakes this is one of those things they where we've we've sarsina lot of disgusting and salacious planted pot potted plant that's on drones i um stories about harvey weinstein harvey weinstein is being sued now by a woman who claims a variety of.

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