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Still in laughter a new spot of the person sharing this metal box with you well what do you Johnny to call caters to stop on the flower girls because you pass the most important tasks that's not just the highway if now that's the road of life the drug is still and today born stacked up what else can step just what's underground lair and like other for the most important of all for calling the to find out why money was when Washington whenever you go on a road trip to someone special always judge when you listed the staff that yeah the beautiful young newlywed couple in love love on their honeymoon only last around first let what could be better but to have the power to to tell them they can see the mighty Amazon River if the and you know how some relationship list the one who has the ID is the one who has a hesitation one the other breaks we'll talk about well I was the risk taker and it's probably put the brakes on but but not really he was.

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