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Get trapped in. We're back at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis eighty. It's pro football talk live Florio. Changes about coming here without traffic. Walton? Ready to take on the raiders pick. Our pit. That's Stephen Jones the Cowboys COO, and they gave up their first round pick last year to get Amari Cooper. Here's the difference though. When you use a first round pick on a receiver. You get him for four years at relatively low price you get the fifth year option. It comes into play with Cooper. They're inheriting him as he enters the fifth year option. Right. He's a top ten pick. It's like thirteen million. Plus, so they have to factor that in the franchise tag next year. That's all going to be a factor when it's time to do a contract, and he's represented by the same guy who represented Khalil Mack. That's Joel Siegal. So he's not gonna go cheap or easy. No hometown discount. It's not as hometown. He just got their Amari Cooper is going to want to get paid. That's just one of several guys to the Cowboys are gonna have to pay its Cooper is to Marcus Lawrence. Dak Prescott Ezekiel Elliott Byron Jones, you gotta nucleus that you're going to have to pay if you wanna hold that team together and you've already got offense lineman. You've paid. I mean, look this is one of the byproducts of having a good team with a lot of great players have to get paid at some point. Some you're gonna have to make tough decisions, and you're gonna have to let guys go. Oh and reload with draft picks were making a lot less money. Well, I mean at the end of the day, I think the Cowboys are probably happy to be in this position with Amari Cooper. Right. Because that means the trade worked out there. Oh, wow. Okay. He was worth what we traded. And and he showed he proves his value with what he did there. You know, the last five six weeks of the season. I mean, he was phenomenal. He was the go-to guy. But yes to what you're saying. I would hope that they did the research of those type of situations are about knowing he's going to have a fifth year option that we're going to have to pay him if he performs well here at the end of the season all of those things, and hey, they should be happy. They they want Dak Prescott long-term they need to give him a support system. They saw they give them no support early last year. And Dak Prescott struggled the offense struggled. They got one weapon at the receiver position. And it changed around their offense and their team altogether. Right. Prioritize the three big names on offense guys who are moving in on new contracts. Amari Cooper, Dak Prescott Ezekiel Elliott who's one who's to who's three. Oh, wow. Okay. That's a really good question. Mike time. Yeah. I am buying time. Because of course, I wanna say Zeke Elliott one, and I'm with Ezekiel Elliott one. I will. I think he's the second. Best running back in football. Okay. I think sake. Barkley is the cream of the crop right now. But I do think Ezekiel Elliott is the guy that makes that offense go the thing. I worry about in that situation that made me pause. There is the style of in. Which is equal Elliott players. You watch football, right? It's car crash after car crash after a car crash you pay him, and he turns into Todd Gurley where he's got this mystery need. I worry about so Dallas gas to make sure they're not on the hook for too much of a long term contract. They need to find like a four year deal. I would say so I would go Zeke one I would go Dak Prescott to and then Amari Cooper three. And I do think Dak Prescott should be the future of this franchise quarterback. You make him one house you not one then. Well, I know because that's where you have to balance out Zeki Elliott's the more talented player but Dak Prescott gorse has a little more long term value. And I just think where you are right now. I guess I go Zeki because the team is built around the run. I think they know that a good running back burns bright for a short period of time. And then burns out they let DeMarco Murray walkaway. And I think with Elliott, I think I think they'd like to push this back get them another five-year tag him one time. And then say, okay, we've used this guy up see later. Yeah. And that's where I was going back and forth in my brain about how you would because it is. When you get a great quarterback. You've got him for fifteen years. Yes, you're right. And whether it's right or wrong, warranted or unwarranted day. Believe in Dak Prescott. And we talked earlier he elevated his play in the postseason. He did against Seattle and against the Rams when when Ezekiel Elliott was not finding openings in the run game Prescott still was getting it made big plays to to Amari Cooper. And some big situations down the stretch. So yes, I am with you with the Dak Prescott. And you know what? Mike, I I got to admit, I I guess I probably prioritize wrong. I would probably go Dak Prescott one Zeke Elliot to see changed your. I think you're right because the point you made, and you know, with the franchise tag being available which again at the running back position is just so unfair. I really feel for the running backs here. You are car crash after car crash after car crash. Hey, you're not allowed to go on the free market and get what you're worth yet. We we gotta keep you hear one more year. So we can put you in four hundred more car crashes, and then you're not worth what you were the year before that's really a I mean, that's like a human issue to me in the NFL. That's. How it works now running back. That's how it works. And that's why it's.

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