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I've very firmly believe is her best album, And that's not something that most, you know, kind of notable artists out there, do right you they usually have, you know their best stuff kinda early on in their career. And then it's you know, they may release some good material, but it may be slightly diminishing returns and Fiona Apple is one of those artists that I believe just keeps getting better and better. After 25 years, we put Wee wee Had a debate on social media a while back about is there any other artists that has a notable artists that has put out their best album after 25 years, and it's theirs? We couldn't really come up with anything. Um, And if you've got any ideas, I'm actually dying. If there's something I'm missing, hit me up on socials. You've got Twitter and, uh and instagram at this is Dan Wilcox would love to kind of Here any more ideas on that one, But two Anyway, hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Dan Wilcox with you here, running down the best of 2020. You got a lot more to get into here. Oh, and by the way, I should probably mention you are listening to the final countdown of Kcrw's Dr Toe end 2020. We all just we want out of this year. We just want out is basically what's going on. With that in mind, we've put together the challenge week here, KCRW. It's a streak of ambitious challenge grants to support KCRW bring some public radio positivity in the 2021. And today's challenge the check this out If you donate now to have your end of your gift matched, you can have it matched up to 25 grand by KCRW board member George Strum Polish and Kristen Strong, Polish, George and Christine..

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