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To win today or it's heading back home for the season meantime red sox and rangers playing in texas chris sale on the mound against doug fister formerly of the red sox game just in the top of the first inning mookie betts on base with a leadoff single their yankees indians domingo german pitching a no hitter for the yankees in his first major league start shutting down the cleveland indians through six the twenty five year old rookie who stepped into the rotation today for the injured jordan montgomery struck out nine and walked to so that is unfolding in new york as we speak this afternoon dodgers ace clayton kershaw put on the ten day dl left bicep tendonitis returned to l a today for tests la manager dave roberts saying the lefthander got hurt before yesterday's game against san diego celtics of course now up three games to not in the philadelphia seventy sixers that's after a wild game three in philly last night celts hung onto the seventy sixers one to one ninety eight overtime celts go for the sweep tomorrow no team in the nba has ever come back from a three nothing deficit in the playoffs on this date back in two thousand nine going back to baseball a bit red sox tied a modern major league record with twelve runs in an inning before making it out in a thirteen to three win over cleveland and back in nineteen seventy seven it was heavily favored seattle slew remember him ridden by john crew gatty wins the kentucky derby overrun dusty run on of.

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Sixers, Kentucky, John Crew discussed on All News, Traffic and Weather

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