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Hello and welcome to muses. I'm Sean T and I am links. And this is the podcast that is about women in music. All about the dolls, the women the group is the wives. The musicians themselves the photographers journalists. We cover everything here and we love it for those who might be new welcome. And for those who might be like the dolls, what are you talking about? Who are the dolls? Do you want? Explain maybe for some newcomers who the dolls are. Oh Jeez. Oh, Jeez well. For me, the dolls just represent all of the women in music in general that we have such a connection to. And of course there's the other dolls that were a part of which is Miss Pamelas Group of women, and how many of us are, there must be like over hundred at this point. We're all over spread all over the world. Yeah and Yeah, it's just this ever-growing connection of incredible women and women who love music and women who participate in one way or another and Yeah, just a beautiful groupie doll community. Awesome. That's a great way to explain it and Miss Pamela debar who who we were talking about has recently interviewed Alice Cooper, so you'll want to head over to her podcast. Pamela Bars Pajama Party also on the Pantheon podcast network, and you're GONNA want to check out everything that she's put out to date in watch out for that. Alice Cooper episode. It's going to be an amazing one. Oh, I can't wait to hear it. She really influenced him and his look. The GTO's did so I'm sure they're going to have a great discussion. That's right, and if you're looking for more muses, you can head over to our patriotic. That's patron dot com slash muses podcast. We release videos. We release audio. We do both and I've recently put up a little pole, so our patrons are going to decide on my next episode I gave them. A couple of choices and one is definitely ranking higher than the other one, so I won't spoil it. It for Lincoln have you if you'd like later, go onto our Patriot and see I think he's going to be pretty clear. Who My next episode is going to be so there's little things like that. We do in there, and if you're feeling like supporting us with a monthly tip two dollars, sometimes, we give you some of the videos and stuff as well and then five dollars gets you. Now videos and an episode on the alternate weeks when we're not releasing for free on Pantheon Network and on Apple podcasts, and all those places that you get your podcast, so we just WANNA. Yes, say once again. Thank you to all of our patriotic years and we have a couple of new ones, too. Yes, so we want to welcome kate. Want to welcome Ellen and we want to welcome the mysterious library fine. I don't know who you are library fine protocol. Jelly you. Yes, yeah, we really appreciate all the support that we get from you guys through Patriot Fan through instagram's through everything we, we love hearing from you all and yet keep coming and I've been told by our team that they do like it. When you do and you could be so kind to leave us a nice review. We would really appreciate it without further is a hassle do Oh yes, let's talk about the farm so I have been living out in the country for about two. Two weeks now, and it's amazing. It is restful. It is wonderful being out in nature, and the cats are really happy. There's lots of things being built here. There's always something to do. I just hung some fresh laundry up on the line today. Just live in that country. Dream Yeah pretty much were currently fixing up a nineteen seventy-two airstream land yacht trailer, so were hanging out a summer out there I'm in a house in the house recording right now, but when I'm not. Inside outside just yeah, fixing up trailer, things or reading or having a fire things like that and we don't have any running water out in the trailer so when I have to do dishes I well water, and I said outside, and I do my dishes, so you know I'm Kinda. Sitting pretty close to the ground, and it just feels really. Feels, great feels pretty back basics. I guess yeah. We were talking on our last Patriot on about how you have family that are kind of country folk and you always spent summers there, and this sounds very much like a pullback to your childhood and visiting them and I. Know How much that meant to you, so it's great to see you enjoying yourself out there and enjoying the sun and just fixing up that trailer. It looks really great so far Oh thank you. Yep! I. Definitely have a soft spot in my heart for living out in the country and this kind of inspired this episode I wanted to take the. The opportunity to get to know a little bit of country music a little bit more I. wanted the opportunity to listen to some really good country music. It's funny because we'll alternate bid to clean the Oldies, and then some new country and the same kind of ten new country songs play on the radio. We kind of know them off by hard this point, but yeah, there's something really special about pretty raw stuff that you're going to hear a lot of in this episode. So this episode is about the One and only Loretta Lynn. I've been really looking forward to hearing about her because I honestly don't know that much I. I do remember watching the movie like many many moons ago and I can't really fully remember it. I remember it being worthwhile, though, but I feel like this is like the perfect time for you to be doing. Loretta, and it makes perfect sense that this kind of came together at this moment and yeah I'm pumped. Will good I think as I do the episode? You'll probably remember the movie, So the movie was based on the book and this book is is what this episode was taken from, and the book is called Coal Miner's daughter. The book came out in Nineteen, seventy, five, which I was surprised because it was the. The book is sold out on a lot of the you know the INDIGO. Amazon's wherever you can find your books so I got it. I got the e version, and then I watched the movie after I finished the Brooklyn the episode and that movie came out in Nineteen Eighty starring Sissy, space AC and Loretta Lynn Handpicked Sissy to play her sec- followed runaround around for a year. Her Tommy Lee Jones plays Laura's 's husband. Do the movie holds up I really like movies from the eighties as well, that was all you know I tend to really enjoy movies to before all of the green screens and CGI annoying. I tend to like the pace of those movies a little bit better, so t Jane I watched together, and he's a pretty harsh critic, but he really liked the movie as well. Yeah, I mean back then you really had to rely on story a lot more. It's not like Oh. Look at this thing exploding in the background. Right like it was the story that brings you in, so it makes that makes perfect sense and I agree with you. Yeah there's a scene in the movie where the really. Kind of old fashioned classic train comes towards them. They're standing there. Standing at the train station in the you know. The coal train come comes up, and the steam is coming up and it was just so cool to see that like you never see that I don't.

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