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A letter to the metropolitan water district urging their support melting polar ice could create more problems for california km j director dan york reports a researcher at the lawrence livermore national lab in northern california believes there is a connection between melting arctic ice and how much rainfall the state will get according to yale climate connections dot org it means future droughts might be worse in california the research poised to possible icefree summers in the arctic and a few decades from now if that happens stormy weather patterns might be pushed away from our state leading to more drought conditions john york km j news dozens of central valley veterans are now on the move in the nation's capital this is day two in the latest of the central valley honor flight km jay's dominic mcandrew is with them from the us park police allowed the veterans on the three buses to slice through the morning commute into washington dc first decimation on the list a look at the us marine memorial a group of students in castel arrow middle school in san jose with that as well us history teacher might mclennan spoke to the veterans on board i'm talking constantly about heroes we talk a lot about what does it mean to be a hero and we went honor you and thank you for your service from here it's onto the world war two memorial and then after that lee smithsonian museum of american history with the central valley on a flight in washington dc dominate mckendry km jane news tonight is the opener for the fresno grizzlies it's taco tuesday to open the season and for the first time in club history the grizzlies will play as.

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