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So if the market is going to be that low if you're a player Up your money. If you're happy with what you can get now. And i think he also made a great decision Most likely if he did hit free agency we probably still get around the same but might as well just lock down now. You never know so. I think he made a great decision now as far as what they had they really as far as calf face for twenty twenty two. They never really had bad realistic of a path to get max cap space for like bradley beal or jack levin in the main reason is a day out horford. He's got a fourteen and a half million partial guarantee. So if you just like with the roster if you want how was before smart extension if you wave them took guarantee than you probably get like twenty something male but has a if you stretch it then you get closer thirty and then if you just got off completely than it's something like thirty six thirty seven mill would just not enough for Bills maxwell I think it should be enough for levine's now you're putting marcus martin at seventeen mil. So now you're you're at the cast space has got a lot harder. If you get off horford completely you're only able to get to like nineteen mill based on what i'm looking at so at that point you really need to have. What are you gonna get with. Twenty mil might as well. Just keep her Just just by the way. I'm looking at it. But on the bright side they do have a lot of space below the tax so they can still do a lotta stuff. I think they're path to getting either third really good guy or just another great starter would probably be through trade. How they're young players developed. They have all their picks going forward. The gotta lot of expiring contracts in richardson schreuder done osun. These guys will be able to be aggregated together. So we'll see what the celtics do. It will definitely come through trade though at this point whatever next great player they get. Yeah and we're going to talk about the traded player. Exception the forty-one in just a moment but because i think a lot of people still have their eyes on be all which personally i don't get it but just i guess this. What do you think the smart. Sinus does for the possibility of the wizards in the celtics doing a signing trade. Next summer we could talk about the potential to absorb additional which for beal specifically to be pretty critical. Because they're gonna wanna move some of the contracts that they have times probably for example you would fit into alerts trade exception we can discuss in a moment But i am not entirely sure. That bills necessarily be the target. You there but it does put us in a good position to work with the team. As she was saying help them clear salaries those expiring contracts. It could happen as soon as the deadline. I don't expect it to think that they're going to be keeping eyes on something that is going to be less onerous to make a deal for if they even make a deal as we've discussed in the past. I think there is a good chance they play. You're out see what they have..

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