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Don don don don don jack mad at the debt that the dental i'm captain sandy welcome to below deck nap very good of the mediterranean we all get together and we take a nice muchneeded knee up yeah so for people who forgot about last week a little demon named honey shark came on board with her awful friends and they deter arise are sweet cast of blow deck met and this week we got to see them in their full hideous glory yes they're still dinner is supposed to be at mind they're still getting ready it's ten pm than eleven pm and adams like sitting here picking my nose and i could have been doing cruises wasted mike well it probably didn't stop you from picking your nose even at greek food on time we'll also you know just as the larger context is that this dinner they made so many demands they wanted this they want that they want to tar there wanted begin option that wanted to kosher option that should be staked there should be chicken there should be fish there should be tofu there should be solved and sorta cell and clams mussels you know it's like anything under the everything under the sun and he had to somehow figure out a way to make cohesive dinner out of this and then he makes it and they're not ready for two more hours so then they come up finally and honey thank god the mazing in quotes from the great gatsby.

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