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So much for doing this. Great space mentally physically as well. Best of luck with the jets. You're very much room with mark. Safe with the winnipeg jets and lots to get to with you whether it's the nhl. And i would imagine. We're going to get into some type of olympic conversation at some point in the next fifteen minutes but you were just telling the story before we went to air about skating in a very small town in ontario with a rich history of things like the donnelly family and for nhl fans the the birthplace of logan couture of the san jose sharks. What's the story of skating and lucan ontario. Yes so adam. Oates will his family's from toronto area and then His wife's family's actually from kitchener so his wife's family were up. Goddard area like grand for kind of like a little holiday. So they they were there for the week and then ryan riley lives in god rich and i was living in kitchener so i don't know how they found license or ice in lucan antero. But what was the rick leg honestly. It was actually really nice outside. Looked like it was like a barn but the inside actually had kinda nice seating kind of the kind of revamp to the ice was actually fantastic. That would be hockey villa. I think right. Yes that's right. Yeah so i think it was about a forty five minute drive for me Kind of all down bunch of back roads driving through the country so kind of a funny place to skate. But you know had some good skates with a riley and and not and had breakfast at this really weird spot with them and enjoy. Fishing came the one day. We all went up for breakfast with with him. And then o'reilly's dad came to so high weird story but you know a good week skating. I'm betting adam didn't pay for breakfast. He did actually did once he paid for. This is the biggest upset ever. I know he Once in a while you gotta you actually. I can't say he's he's paid for a good amount of dinners for me. I think i've i've i've usually taken the really big ones. But he's taking care of a lot of a lot of dinners for me so i can't give him any slack for it because every time i pull my wallet he does the fake coffin pretenders dust coming out of it and i might go so It's got the onion wallet every time. He opens any cry site. I know that all too. Well what is the boast. We strangest as a not the right word. But i'm gonna use it anyway. The strangest place you've ever played in. You played in so many rigs mark Is there one that comes to mind. Like how did i end up here. I think one was probably in yaroslava. L- like it was a candidate russia's series it was the summer of my second world junior year And we did this. I canada russia series four gate. Or how many games he played in russia and then we played games in halifax and we are in euros level and i remember there was one meal where they actually served like fish heads to us. It was actually a nice hotel is really weird. Spot and it was really close to the rink. There you're playing at and there was a mcdonalds. Close right beside in this mcdonalds might have been the busiest place in all of your slava because like every night it was just bumping like line out the out the door and the one day there was fish. Heads in our coaches steve spot. And he's guys you guys aren't eating this go to mcdonalds enjoy enjoy. Enjoy yourself tonight. So we have. We have like twenty. Three guys. Walk over to mcdonald's and obviously none of us speak russian so we have like the menu and we're like pointing were like it was. It was pretty funny so that. That's probably one of the strangest spots we were. Just with pure. Luke dubois. And i don't know how much you've had a chance to chat with them this off season but he. He's he looks and sounds like a new man. He went through a a real roller coaster of a season last year. Have you talked to him much this off season because he just appears to be much better head space. Yeah i've talked him a little bit and he says you know. He says he feels great. I know Our our strength coach went over went to montreal to see him and he came back and said how in great shape be looks and he's been skating a lot. Actually i saw dube's dad on the golf course. The other day in winnipeg and we were just talking. I'd asked how you know how summer was and you know how much you've seen them or how much you've talked to him and he was like he's actually skated the most he's ever skated in a summer. So you know. I've i've only talked to him a little bit. But from what he said he feels great I'm sure he's ready for regular season. You know not like last year. Like i couldn't imagine you know what he went through. All the you know throughout the summer to start the year and then all of a sudden you the whole quarantine thing Mid season would be sounds awful getting back into shape. You know we got hurt getting back into shape all that all that stuff. So i'm sure he's looking forward to getting winnipeg in settling in and getting to skate and work out and get ready before camp so i know we're all excited. I know i'm excited to see to see him this year. You know he's he's a fantastic player and new. You went through a lot of adversity. You know from the sounds of know from when i've talked to me. Sounds like he's ready for a good season. So i think that adversity when you take about when you take that the right way and you work hard..

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