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Guy guy higher so no no chance you're gonna wanna know yeah i hope giorgadze calling shodiq that had part powell now they leather is getting overruled by rubber craft on jimmy garoppolo tom brady's calling all the shots behind the scenes influence and judge influence whereas your dollar check out the actual is the roster calls now and you'll he signs every 10 on the patriots as he top10 and making arrests call maybe top one hundred anyway brandon bowl i just had no idea of the support brandon bolden at out there in amman it's been unbelievable it's been unbelievable so great deal it's it's short money the match chatham it's all who care steal mad chatham obviously it's great deal i your guy me and beguel pats cap going back and forth of miguel vince lombardi pats cap out there breaking down the impact of the special temur on this roster it's like i your guy i got argue with somebody for pets pulpit has been arguing with me i got to have an lazar jumping into my twitter feed like well what's going on over president bolted this is what we're doing six one seven seven seven nine zero 985 zimmer i'd like to get more into a what brain of bolden represents to me there's a couple of things there's a couple of things we're not gonna see your breakdown has contributions to the roster please i seem to get that off my chest after the the morning that i spent my mistake engaging with the twitter's fear that one's on me all the bone was it the tennessee game the muslim the division was was that the dennis he gamed yet put him up by twenty two said wow i stand corrected dan i was a muchneeded touch thou that helped advance there will be the titans without an ice sandra boy boy do i of god like this all through yards so here's the thing to takeaways to takeaways this brady's guy by the way him brandon bolden boys a really so brady seemingly continues to have a lot of poll he gets the continue to call the.

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