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Maybe on our way to sixty eight today Chicago taxpayers could be asked to shell out more money in order to fund city government. Speaking, after her city council meeting yesterday, mayor Lightfoot says there's no question. The city will have to come to the taxpayers for more revenue. Her comments came as the city is facing a looming budget shortfall estimated now at more than seven hundred million dollars, the city's next budget will be presented this fall, at least five people have been hurt in crash at eighty seventh in Jeffrey this morning. Two cars involved, one has crashed onto a basketball court CT bus shelter is also damaged. It's unclear whether one of the vehicles, hit it, it's unclear the conditions of the five people taken to the hospitals, the American Civil Liberties union asking the US court to wait until fall to rule on, including a citizenship question in the twenty twenty senses, the ACLU file documents yesterday asking the justices to send the case back to federal court, if they disagree with the lower court rulings that the question should not be. Included ACL use has newly discovered evidence shows the purpose of the citizenship question was to strengthen Republican control of congressional districts, Trump administration says, including the citizenship question would help enforce the Voting Rights Act to protect minority voters, and those are the headlines, WGN sports. The party is on in Saint Louis the blues win the Stanley Cup. They built a four nothing lead in game seven in Boston than finished off a four to one win to capture their first cop. It's the third straight time. The road team has won game seven in the final. The most heartwarming moment is the blue celebrated came eleven year old Layla Anderson. The blue is seriously ill superfan was on the ice for the celebration with help from her favourite defensemen. Colton Perico got the kiss the Cup. Authorities in the Dominican say the suspects in the shooting. David Ortiz repaid, seventy eight hundred dollars to carry out the hit, but they still too. Termine the motive for the shooting, which Ortiz survived. He's recovering to Boston hospital. The cubs ended a five game road losing streak with their ten one win Colorado. Kyle Korver homered. Drove in four havi Byas hit his seventeenth tonight. The cubs are at Los Angeles. The White Sox were off. They host the New York Yankees tonight. If on Nove facing J hap- will have the pre game at six thirty five first pitch at seven ten. We'll talk to add farmer, the voice of the White Sox at nine forty this morning. The one hundred nineteenth US open gets going. Just a few minutes from now. Brooks kept go looking for a three peat so are the Golden State Warriors. But they've got some work to do as they host Toronto in game six tonight in Oakland if they win the series goes back to Toronto for game seven up, Dave at WGN sports. Introducing the new buttermilk crispy chicken biscuit at McDonald's. We don't need that music made with.

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