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So couple of Mason. I got into a discussion yesterday about. The guy that. The guy that. Was suspended by Adam silver. Mark Stevens has donated close to one hundred million dollars to USC and his name is on one of the buildings over there. We know of any of his kids want to be on the crew team. His well, it's interesting, you say like I said, I bit US he won't take his name off the building. Mason goes, well, give me one example ever of where someone is taken a name off of a building. And. Since he said it, I've been kind of keeping an eye out for it and two things just broke. Here's the first one. The university of Alabama is returning twenty one million dollar gift from its largest donor and taking his name off the law school after he called for Alabama, including the university to be boycotted over the new, you know, they have that whole battle going on about abortion laws, down there, but because they don't wanna be on what they consider to be the wrong side of an issue there taking his name off the building. And this guy was pro the restrictions are anti the restrictive elevate, it said he called for Alabama, including the university to be boycotted over the new abortion law. It's interesting, I think what they're what they're arguing about is the boy telling people to boycott the universe if he's telling people to boycott the university and his name is on a building. That's an idea in conflict. I could see that. Yeah. Now you just harsh you just mentioned, something like during the break just saw. This come up this from Libby dank men who actually used to work with KPCC NPR in Pasadena. I'm just reading straight from the article after protests from local veterans groups and push back from the commission overseeing stadium. United Airlines in the university of southern California have agreed to a compromise to preserve the name of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum starting in August. The venue will be known as United Airlines field at the university at, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. So they're naming the field and not the building originally. The idea was to rename gate, building now we'll just be the field and Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will still be intact as the name of the state. Okay. So I have a theory about this and tell me whether or not you agree, if you're going to buy the naming rights to an athletic stadium within being arena, a field, whatever. You better be I one in, if you're not I one in you don't get your bang for your buck, for example. I know. Tons. I grew up in Orange County almost everybody refers to where the ducks play as the pun pun for years for more than ten years. It's been the Honda center. Okay. What's the theater next door to where we're, we're working right now next door? What's not the no Kia anymore, but that's what everybody calls it. It's been the Microsoft theater for years if anybody ever staple center, which has been the name of the building, where the Lakers play has twenty years of staple center, let's their naming rights deal elapse, and somebody else like, like, let's say Nabisco buys it, and becomes the Nabisco center, everybody'll still call it.

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