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Was on the tax man. Um yeah. Tights. My good afternoon. I'm Pat Thurston. We're talking about this indictment. It's a grand jury indictment that came down against the Trump organization and their CFO Alan Weiss, Ahlberg, and there are people who are treating it like how home that's what Donald Trump wants you to believe. And he's like Who knew who knew you had to pay those taxes. You knew it was a scheme. It was very specific the way you went about doing this so that you could sheet And it was cheating. And in Weisberg's case, it was also stealing because he filed for refunds that he was not entitled to. He did it willfully. He did it intentionally. He did it, knowing that he was perpetrating a crime and that is theft. So Bob Emails High Pat Leona Helmsley set, Helmsley said. We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes, he says. Will that be Trump's defense? Well, Trump himself has not been charged. Not in this indictment. We don't know if he's going to be charged in this crime. But he wasn't charged in the in this recent indictment, and Eric says it's simpler than you think. It's not just his cheating makes my taxes more expensive. If Donald Trump cheat on his taxes, he's not just cheating the government. He's not just achieving the I R s. He's cheating us. He's stealing from all of us. We the people, and we should all be outraged. You know, I would add. We should be doubly triply quadruple outraged. Because he was the president of the United States. He wants to be president. Again. He runs the Republican Party. He lies to the American people consistently, and he doesn't believe that he has to play by the same rules as anybody else. Let's go to the phones. Charles is calling from Menlo Park, Charles Welcome to K G O Hi, Pat. Great work on bringing up those two contradictory. I know everything about taxes. I love that was a great job. Thank you. And you should make that your show's logo. I would say every day play that I mean, it was wonderful. I have just three points and I'll be very quick and, uh, and then respond. However you wish Um first thing is the rich always control the narrative in this country. Corporate media supports them. They're always crying victim and they're always threatening us. They're always saying, If you take our money, our taxes will take your jobs away. They're not very nice people. Okay, a lot of them. They're just not. That's point Number one number two. I am so tired of people like that guy. I find Trump despicable, but it's nothing burger. And then they go on to defend and neutralize the charge. I'm sick of those people, too. And the last point which I hope you watch this. I'm not saying everything is accurate. But you may know about it. There's a three hour documentary put out quite a while ago called JFK to 9 11 JFK to 9 11. Everything is a rich man's trick, and it's put out by someone that British and it's pretty amazing. I mean, it's very wide and scope of history. It goes way before JFK through that. And then after, and I think you I mean you and I think I like I think as far as I can tell, and I think you will find it fascinating, You know, do it in little chunks if you can, but take a look at it. And as I say, I'm not. I can't verify everything's accurate, but I think people should really look at that and then think of the context of this society because everything in racism and everything else falls under The rich versus the poor. It's all under that umbrella. That's why they like our division. That's why they like all this stuff. You know what? I wrote it down and I will. I will check it out. I'm bigon documentaries. I'm not big on massive conspiracy theories. Although the truth is there are conspiracies that are absolutely real, like the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. That was a conspiracy. It was an actual conspiracy. There were a lot of people charge. Not just John Wilkes Booth. The first woman ever executed in the United States was a part of that conspiracy, and that's the reason she was executed. So you know, we can't just say that any conspiracy is a tinfoil hat, and I'm not sure if that's what you're alluding to here. Um, yeah, but I will say that it is interesting. I I believe that I believe that it's the wealthy who do control the narrative, and it's and I think also I, You know, Sometimes I think it's the people who are the craziest that sometimes control the narrative. I mean, I think it's nervy that the Republican Party right now is trying to establish themselves. And establish the Democratic Party in terms of the midterms. They want, uh, to paint themselves and this is what's coming out now. They were there. Two things they're doing for first of all, they want everybody to be afraid. They want to convince you that black lives matter is starting a race war and that they're out to get you. They want to try to convince you that Democrats don't believe in, uh, police. The Democrats don't want there to be any police that they just simply want anarchy, and they want you to believe that they're the party of law and order. Never mind that they voted against substantial sums of money going to local police departments around the country. Never mind that never mind that they all voted against the not only the, uh, 61 Commission that would be a bipartisan commission. Established along the lines of the 9 11 Commission to look into the insurrection on January 6th Never mind that they voted against the select Committee being established by Nancy Pelosi, a bipartisan select committee to investigate those same things. Never mind that they're trying to rewrite the narrative of January 6 to try to convince us that we didn't see what we saw with our own eyes. We didn't hear what we heard with our own ears. We didn't hear and see them repeating the same. Accusations that we say today that they accuse us of being crazy is for, um they are now trying to convince us that this was at least some of them that this that the FBI perpetrated this. They want us to believe that they're the party of law and order. And yet they didn't want to give the congressional Medal of honor to the officers at the Capitol police who fought to protect them on that day of the insurrection. They want to try to convince us that they are the party of law and order. And I think that the Capitol police officers have something to say about that. I think the FBI has something to say about that. I think our intelligence agencies have something to say about that. I think that the people the police departments who have been receiving the funding that were that was granted them through laws that were put into place by Democratic only votes. No Republicans involved they should understand that. But they have this machine..

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