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I just wanna thank you for the support. Been giving all all of us all these years. I mean you're you're the beach in your. The light keeps this. You know there's all of this everything that we do love you. Keep it shining bright. Well i hear that a lot from a lot of people to be honest and it means a tremendous amount to me so thank you for saying that it re. I really really do appreciate that rudy. All the best to you man. It's always great to talk to you. Once i get back to returning to la and coming out every month from my monthly trips as soon as that happens. I'll hit you up. Maybe come sit in the studio. We could talk for hours and share stories for hours. And i can't wait to be able to do that again with you in person again. Congratulations about returning to quiet riot. I appreciate you and regina sharing it here on this show. I and you're doing your first interview about it here. It means a lot and best to you and your family and stay safe. Okay god bless you eddie over pleasure. Thank you you too rudy. Take care up. Next on the podcast. It's tommy ski. Oh former tesla guitarist the only original member of the band not in the band got a new group called resist and bite here. He is to tell us all about it. Tom how are you brother. I'm doing great. How are you eddie. Good man good. We've talking and texting a little bit. Obviously off the air. And i know you're excited to have this new band resistant. Bite a record of video asong fate. That came out. Tell us how this thing all came together man well Kind of just been working on it over the last couple of years and we've been talking off and on We we released the first thing That we put out was midem living last year. And i think you had me on there for that. I appreciate that and It when we got really great response and it was just a demo. Just kinda we got a call to go on radio so we thought we have something to play and it just kinda took off so that was great and then since then the pandemic haven't we thought we were gonna go play live and do all kinds of great stuff but instead we ended up owning a more songs and making the record and we got another video and The song fate is from the record. It's mastered You can hear the production of the record everything from the record and That's right now. And i'm really excited about it. And we got some shows coming up in july with the dead daisies and a headlining show and also In nashville we're doing the rock and pod thing so it's cool man. That's that's awesome so the record is done done like now. There's a complete record done. There is an works cited. It's it if you listen to the fate. The song fate. That's that represents a pretty good. I mean the sound of the production of it. We had michael rosen dude who did The into the now record with allah we had him come in and each just did a great job and it sounds great. We're really happy. Yeah that's why. I recognize that name as soon as he sat. Because that's a great sounding record. I think and and didn't he do the he did. The replugged live too didn't he. Yeah he's done some work with us before so it was just. It was good to reconnect with him and we had a really good time. We only had twenty days but he got a really good deal on. A studio in nashville went in there for twenty days and knocked it out and it was nice. It was a lot of fun and it was good to reconnect. Yeah so Tell everybody listening because of course everybody knows you because most of my audience loves tesla and they know what a big part of that band you were and You know how much the tesla fans loved the band. But maybe they don't know the rest of the guys in your new ban resistant by and you know what's interesting is. I've been doing a lot of stuff with frank lately. Franken and he. And i did some on the road a month or two ago and i don't know if you heard this but frank was on. And he gave you a lot of props on the air and he said that he was really excited about your new band and he said something about he knew your singer. That's in the band. He's like he's a great singer he goes. I'm excited for tommy. I think that's going to be a great band. So give the give the audience a little bit of an insight on. Who else is in this group with you and who. You're seeing okay. Yeah so nathan. News is the singer and He did some stuff with frank. Just some some covering for macos. Frank goes and plays a lot of like little sticks and stuff like that anyway. I think that he sang for one of those and may played with a lynch mob for quite a while and did a lot of shows george lynch and that's where i heard of him but he also had abandoned the early nineties. I believe it was called blondes. I don't remember them at all but They were on atlantic. I think and they tried to make a little push but nothing really happened. But they had a record out. And that's nate. And then dave parks of course. Is the drummer who kind of with this whole thing together. I he did a record with me. And we kinda developed into this actually at one of my stupid little solo records. I was doing but it turned into this. Which is just great and then we got a guy named steve stokes on guitar. He's great you know. He did the all the engineering for that first single. We did which was a demo. And he's just so talented and does her videos as well with and Then brian powell on base. That's it is the singer. It mate is he from Is he from northern california. You guys like us no. He's not okay. he's he's actually from Willie's from virginia but lived in myrtle beach. She's living in atlanta now. He's well he's kind of atlantic. I okay cool yeah man. It's a killer band. And i want to make sure that we have time to play everybody the full song. I usually don't playful songs on this show. Because it's more of a talk thing. But i wanna make sure we play the full song for everybody because it's real that man. I appreciate that anyway. Let me for that. And we are really proud of the. Yeah yeah so so. Tell so so couple of quick things here. Obviously you're all in now and you wanna do abandon. You wanna really go out and tour and you're gonna put out a full record. What's the timetable. What's the timetable for the full record to come. Well that's a good question man and we're kinda wonder as we've been trying to get a deal in through the kobe thing and we really would like to have a machine behind this. We think that it warrants it. I don't wanna put another record out. Like i have been where it's just all who made although everything we've done so far has been in house and it's it's working and i'm not saying we won't do that but i would really like to. Just have the ban concentrate on the music and and have like a record company and management and all that stuff going. We do not have that and we're trying to get it so the record. I'm hoping we'll be out this before this year ends. Were hoping these shows kind of ignites. Some more interest and And we're booking more shows so that's that's kind of where that's at. Don't really know when you play live with resistant bite. Will you do.

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