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At one point he asked brandt quote is it not true that good police procedure calls for you to follow down as many of these leads as you can even though they may lead you know where unquote brandt replies quote it is my understanding that the bus procedure is to follow the strongest lead and then go with the next strongest lead and quote in other words you stick to the theory that seems most plausible until that theory falls apart only then you look at other possibilities the virgil theory never fell apart for police a few stayed experts took the stand to describe hair's collected from reef as body and apartment and a few of those hairs were microscopically similar to virgils granted there were other hair's there too that were decidedly not for tools but those were glossed over and trial there were hairs from african americans that few from caucasians in at least one from a dog despite retha not owning a pet the way hairs were compared back in the day was completely visual beneath the microscope you would take unknown hair sample like one plucked from william virgils head and eyeball it in comparison with an unknown sample such as a strand pulled from the night down wreath a war when she was killed a two thousand nine report in the national academy of sciences called the technique highly unreliable it's still used in courtrooms today but it's better studied now in his hammered hard by defence lawyers for good reason nearly one quarter of dna exonerations have involved faulty microscopic here analysis according to the innocence project in two thousand fifteen the fbi posted an explosive report on its website with the headline fbi testimony on microscopic hair analysis contained errors.

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