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Is preferable to conflict and hostility. Doesn't that sound nice and diplomatic that is number one on CNN's. List, of the most disturbing things Donald Trump said yesterday I read it to you again and just plain, English I'm here today to. Continue the proud tradition of bold American diplomacy from the earliest days of our Republic American. Leaders have understood the diplomacy, and engagement is preferable to conflict and hostility what is that's that's the, disturbing comment that's that's CNN's number one and they're hit parade of disturbing comments from Donald Trump at the press conference, that's number one that he, would rather engage in diplomacy because it's preferable to conflict and hostility were these the, same folks that were. Telling us that he was running up. As a running his mouth and running us into World War three with Kim. Jong Hoon and Then with Russia and then anybody else and then he gets there and he wants to use diplomacy and at tops the list of CNN's most disturbing things he said Can. You imagine if Obama had said that he'd already get another Nobel peace prize, Ford just for saying it here's the. Number two And this disturbs him in their. List of the of the twenty one I'm not gonna read all of the twenty one most disturbing lines from? Donald Trump's press conference Donald Trump said this But our relationship has never been worse. Than, it is now however that changed as, about four hours ago I really believe that talking about after, he met with, Putin they're making progress and that. Is disturbing to CNN Here's something else disturbing I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace then to risk piece. In pursuit of politics What is there to disagree with, about that but that's the number three on the hip parade of the twenty one most disturbing things Trump's How dare. He talked, about peace we want. War with Iran oh I'm sorry where we're liberals when that's supposed to be but it's it's, Trump though I mean whatever. Says we're opposite so here he is trying to PLO Missy trying to tamp. Down the, rhetoric and the. Heat and these folks are. Upset these are the most disturbing things that? Donald Trump the three most disturbing things he said we're all about I would rather have. Peace Pace I would rather risk piece in pursuit of. Peace then. Risk I would rather pursue peace than risk piece in pursuit of politics Sounds very statesmanlike doesn't it but now. It's one. Of the most disturbing thing CNN heard in the entire press conference Elda and they also this. Is one, of the made the list when Trump says well actually I called. Him a competitor and a good. Competitor he is, and I? Think the word competitor is a compliment that disturbed. Them the Ladimir Putin is a competitor And then it. Goes on, you can you can read these we have listed Phil Valentine dot. Com under show prep.

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