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Now. I mean, it's fascinating to look in the complaint again. It really details out. So we can't. Show here, but people go check out the press release is a copy of the a very detailed charts that the especially Christine just drew up, but it show is impressed by the Turks. I can't do. that. He heard you say that having some happier than that. He recently told his wife he was excited. Someone had talked about race where she was extremely unimpressed. She just doesn't understand him or get him, but I'll bet you do. So it's great and we do as well but. you know so that hack. Hack right and it was really interesting happened after a previous hack that's allegedly attributed North Korea is that they went to cryptocurrency exchange and said, Hey, you know we have a bunch of all clients or a ton of money they want to come invest it a with your exchange. We're just worried about these hackers out there and so we have an attached a questionnaire to his email that's going to review your upset and things like that. Make sure that. Yeah. Yeah. That that you. That you are in fact, secure and compliant, and so in many ways, they fail the test right one because they clicked on the attachment into because then. When the attach their head, a bunch of Malware, and so the complaint he tells the language and the script language that's used is consistent with how North Korean hackers have operated and other things within the complaint out like VPN's were able to be penetrated by law enforcement things like that where they were, they were able to treat it to North Korea but it's just again that sloppiness. Of It just takes one bad mistake by someone in the security team or the client cut relation team at crypto currency exchange that they were able to do a complete takeover and get to not only the outlaw small. So get to some of the cold storage funds, which normally think should be able to happen, but they just totally took over system and so from one. EXCHANGE RATE IN ONE BANK HEIST my favorite New Yorker cartoon that we use all presentations as a guy goes into rob a bank and the guys give the money because you know you can do this all online now right and so instead a one bank robbery, where is the risk of violence like you know the security there this is from the safety of the North Koreans. House whatever they're sitting in able to steal two, hundred, eighty, million dollars in one fell swoop, and then you see in other hacks and it's describing the complaint and the second related complaint that like they are out there just spearfishing all day everyday looking for people who are well known in the crypto world. Assume their identities are or to go after those people to take over there. Again, with the goal of hacking exchanges are getting access to exchange within get that kind of money. Yeah in general. You. Know they're taking just seemed. So basic isn't the word because it sounds unsophisticated on their part. But what I mean is it's not something where you need to know coding or have any kind of fancy computer programming knowledge. It's literally just trading on People's Gullibility or Yeah and so earlier though you said something about how it was in line with other North Korean I I didn't understand that what what was it about previous North Korean hacking behavior that lined up. So we looked at the actual malware. We got a copy of that from the victim and when examining that malware, the way that the scripts were written in it that allowed them to take over was consistent with other hacks that have been documented with North Korean. So we used a couple different things that US as the penetration VPN, and so the language in the script, all these things we statement they don't say at the end of the day it's North Korea but like the language that was used and scripts. addition. There was a couple of things where we looked at some of the. Other information that they were researching and some other things researching things about the North Korean military. So it's possible. It could be someone in Kansas who just happens to use the same. Script language and uses a VPN that traces back to a North Korean cell, tower, and also researches a lot information about the North Korean military but more likely right like that's reflective of the fact that it is in fact North Korean actors. And one other thing was that some of the money was these strange coins like Proton token and olive and but theory I've literally never even heard of these. So why would they do that? In the most recent complaint, you know there was alga tokens there was all sorts of. Different coins in. One of the things that Chris talked about in the complaint is the chain hopping that occurs in that they're trying to move from one change another take no different than when someone has steals money from bank, they might try to exchange it into euros bureaus into yen in Indian back two dollars because they think again, they're obfuscating the trail and to some extent they are right like we can subpoena. DOJ can subpoena. The US banks and things like that to get that information but it's much more challenging to get from foreign banks and things like that and so I think what Chris Talks about that most recent complaint is that part of what chain hopping has done is to try to break the public you know blockchain ledgers and try to divorce things out. So you can't see where things are moving from one currency to another, and so they use a really rare currency and remember they're willing to take pennies on the dollar like the reason that you in Jesse. Deal. In these coins because they may not have the ability or like people may not be interested in them or you might get a lot less bang for your buff. But when you have two hundred, eighty, million dollars like you're happy to get a fifty percent yield rate that is a a bank heist that is unprecedented right? If you get ten percents huge and so not only. Does it office kate what you're doing you know it may be an easier way to find some people who run to sell it. But what's interesting is that Chris Draws back in that complaint is that. Bitcoin right like because no one has heard of these coins and at the end of the day they do need to get the Fiat so they may go through all this gene opping and then they circle back to Bitcoin and that's where Chris Irish team bill the H..

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