Lake Erie, Ohio Department Of Health, Wtvn discussed on Sean Hannity


And flooding on may seventeenth anyone in the Ohio counties that had an emergency declaration is asked to apply before the August twenty sixth deadline for the SBA disaster loan assistance for radio six ten WTVN sport you has the Buckeyes will start fall camp next Friday if you old fifteen practices between August second and August fifteenth they'll open the season if the shoe on August thirty first against Florida Atlantic in the NFL the Cincinnati Bengals one of the last team to kick off their twenty nineteen training camp the team all the practice session at Dayton's welcome field Saturday at one thirty in NFL news Ezekiel Elliott will reportedly hold out of cowboys camp unless Dallas gives him a new contract the team owner Jerry Jones would only say today that Ellie was quote late to the cowboys camp in Oxnard California in soccer the Columbus crew had to New York Saturday to battle the rebels crew S. you're looking to make it two straight wins after going winless in their last ten matches captain will trap says they're prepared to tangle with the bulls think it's been a good week in terms of humbly approaching what we're gonna have and it's a difficult match up and they always are and we usually have good games and sense of understanding that what we've done in the past with the build on and compete the crew returned my free stadium in two weeks the battle FC Cincinnati from the central Ohio Honda dealer sports does researchers radio six ten WTVN and the Ohio department of health is warning people not to swim in Lake Erie specifically they've issued an elevated recreational public health advisory due to allergy related toxins found in the water that means mommy bay state park is now a no swim zone visitors can still safely visit the park however but are advised to stay out of the water.

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