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I am not sure how many people out there are interested in the critical analysis of the new utah reminding mestre off that's good you're ago here we do a lot of these yes we do a lot of podcast you do native sometimes we have to follow her lines tv vigo's yet then a lotta tvs were adjusting to a new reality though and this is a good thing to talk about your television and just do it if that were kind of adjusting to the idea that nobody is watching the same show at the same time anymore he at least from our percent precise perspective it seems like when we started doing podcast together back in two thousand twelve eleven twelve wealth january there were five six shows that were central to passionate tv fans everyday life they usually were protests on sundays and and they were staggered throughout the year and they were staggered throughout the year so we go men to where it was exactly and that over time and now especially this year with tv shows being dumped all at once twin peaks episodes being put up to two at a time shows that go on hiatus for three months for no explain real reason like good place you have all of this dispersed viewing going on and i think that for as much as we obviously re passionate about the shows that are on our lists and we did really i think we hit twin peaks the most this season yeah if we just sat there and with the exception of thrones if we just like you know what we're just going to do another episode about about met minor this week i just think the people were watching minor will listen to lock well maybe that's true but what i liked the way you guys broke down stranger things to you'd broken down and the three section right you talked about you talked about before you saw the new bre broke down you know after you saw an inch on i would argue that strivings i'd love that you model cultural shows we have all come on my you could announ mine hunter as you had a great which is a great show i agree with you my dudes the the thing them trying to really against underline here no one cares about the new you.

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