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Lucasfilm kasdan like was like working on this movie or run into this has been a passion project of his for so long and that seems to be like some of the tension between him and lord and miller because he was like this is like my scripts that this is like my want has been my last star wars thing and now you're changing it into something else and while i like kind of generally enjoyed the movie this as a passion project of his for so long is baffling to me this does not seem like a story that anyone needed to tell and i don't understand what it was i think it was like he and george lucas at talked about this together like like i don't know like ten years ago or something like that and and yeah i i don't get it i don't get what was why kasdan was so invested in the story about on solo making the kessel run well we will certainly get that in a moment but i agree that there's i think patrick you know one of the things is we don't know how different the final film is from the original vision you know what i mean like but it does seem like this is what been kind of wanted to do that's that's i think the way i interpret what you're saying patrick is that some i saw this very early at a at a press screening and i had some friends we're like don't tell me anything but what did you think and my response was what what you think this movie is is exactly what it is right and what i mean there's.

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