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Don't worry. I can help with that too Handcrafted custom made jewelry, Dominion jewelers in the heart of false church. We make it beautiful. You make it yours appointments preferred. You're listening to Howard and Jeremy live for the done. Tire Studios done tire. It's a done deal. W g R Sports radio 5 50 Now Paddock Chevrolet Sports Headlines. Bills looking good on the injury front at this point as we head to Sunday's season opener. Sean McDermott, meeting with the media yesterday, said Is a Mackenzie and Tehran Johnson are both expected to play starlet to Lay would be the other injury question. But McDermott said that star was trending in the right direction. The bill's name there. Captains captains for the season on offense. It's Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs for Defense. Micah Hyde Jordan Pointer. Tremaine Edmunds on special teams read Ferguson, Tyler Matic Cabbage and Taiwan Jones. Mike Tomlin, Steelers coach said he thinks TJ want will play Sunday. What Has not played or did not play in the preseason and has not been taking part in team drills that practices he is looking for a contract extension didn't want to risk injury. The bills are advising pants to get to the stadium Gates early on Sunday by noon. They're dealing with some staff shortages, It might take a little longer than normal to get into the stadium there. Also opening up the gates a half hour earlier than normal. It will be at 11 o'clock. Baltimore has signed living on belt to their practice squad. The NFL Players Association is asking the league for daily Covid testing. Vaccinated players right now they get tested once every seven days..

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