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We did indeed. First off, Morgan, how do you like my car? Is it nice? It's nice. And it's very toasty right now, which I very much appreciate. I mean, okay, so it's like 66° outside. And so heaters on. Exactly. Because I can not take the cold. We're walking literally from the theater to my car and I'm like shivering over here. Yes. Because I don't have my trusty jacket on. And so I'm like, crap, I forgot. Surprise we don't have a blanket back here. I know, I really should. I really should get on that as well. Here we go. The things we do for you. To be able to get this episode out as soon as possible, here we go. And we don't do this very much where we go and see the new releases. Simply because they're so many, we kind of pick and choose for the podcast, which ones we're going to do. And sometimes Chelsea will go see one, I will be unable to attend. And so, you know, we'll see it a different point and review it on the podcast and then do our traditional podcasts via Zoom. But here we are together, which also doesn't happen very often. No, yeah. And so we don't have a lot of time to really digest the movie. This is our first thoughts, basically review as it comes. Chelsea and I as the credits were rolling or withholding, trying to hold back from talking because it's like save it for the podcast. It was a podcast, but completely impossible to do because we're just over here like nah. So I have this comment, I can't keep it in. So with that, we'll have you wait one more second, save it for the podcast. We'll see you right after this. In early 2020, best Friends Brian and hodel set out on a mission. This whole podcast is easy. Easy. Inexpensive. Easy. You make a ton of money. The result a mediocre comedy podcast. You're telling me there's a chance. I'm telling you, there's a chance. Why wouldn't you do it? Hey, for effort, you two. Hey, four effort. The commercial break on Spotify. Tune it in and ride it out. Prepare yourself for a journey beyond what is possible. Walt Disney Animation Studios proudly presents strange world a new motion picture event. Traveled past space and time to a place of infinite mystery. Unlike anything you've ever seen. Where in the world are we? What?

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