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And todd. Your mom was just a a trip so you get a pointed question number. Two hard generous with us are his parents together and happy now. Our relationship experts said this feels on fair because more than half of this or the are the product of divorce parents. And that's not our fault. But how did they even in that context of divorce? Did your parents have a pretty civil divorce. Were they able to be good? Parents is a tough one for me. They did not divorce as People of their generation seldom did. But I don't know how to describe their relationship. He was such a hot head. So what do I do with that? You know if you feel if you're if it's on your heart to give yourself zero zero but but don't feel bad about it. No I'm not first of all you left home. Eight start at your own family responsible for the sins of my father. I don't know how much of an influence they really had. Your parents are still together. You get a plus. Yeah you get. You can have Bob's point that he didn't get all right. Here's the next one. Does he have at least a few serious long-term relationship under his belt? Yeah give yourself that. All of you guys get that because hey you know we learn by doing disease exact mistakes that we make Bob. Ni- are what did we decide? We're try- marital mistakes. We make in our past. It's not our us. Do Better just practicing with how lucky you are to be the third one. We Mary number four does he blame his access for the breakup and those bad endings because if he does. That's not good. Do you do you you get you get no points for that Max. You don't say yes to that. The woman wanted to kill you and hide your body in the woods. You're allowed to break up with somebody to see this unfair question. You don't blame your access for your breakup. You own your part in it. I don't get no you don't because you don't blame your XS for your breakup. That's the if the answer is yes to that. Then you get the point. You don't take a point your because I think you know where. Yes even if you're part of it was choosing poorly in the first place. You still own that. Are you saying to get a pointer a donkey down? Because you didn't answer yes to that. You only get a point for yes. It's good to knock it. Appoint THEIR BOB. Because your face looks confused is your what was the question again. Do you blame your keys. I'm blaming somebody Max. Somebody's getting some blame here. You blame your access for your breakers. I don't get the point even though I am doing right because you were trying to not be murdered. I blame one or two of them but not I mean I dated a lot of people right so I well. Hey if God meant for this treasure to be kept to one woman I didn't WanNa say so. So do I take it or not? I blamed some of them but not all of them. I've known you for so long and fairly recently. You've taken ownership of the fact that you chose people based on superficial thing which is telling me what we pretend you get no point good. Is He a keep relationships? That's so difficult. Argus friends a mix of the old and the new and do they come alive. Yes or no yes you get a point take a break and come come back and we'll find out if your man is a keeper and if your man if you yourself for a keeper if you need to leave because you're a bad bet somebody gets have blame it's a sharable taste of the show. Bob and Sheri Fund Size. Get it now on the free Bob and Sheri APP or wherever you get your podcast. Here's bobbins Sherry by. We are taking this quiz to find out if your man is a keeper and Bob is taking this quiz to see if he himself as keeper. And here's the exciting news about this. There's an actual score and if you score below the number according to this relationship expert person then you get thrown back you are not keep you. Don't want to be thrown book. I think I think you're doing pretty well. So far breach. Go ahead so if you if you say yes to the questions give yourself one point. Here we go. Is He financially stable? I don't mean as he rich I mean is he stable. I get that you get that. He cheated in the past. Yes or no. If he's cheated you get one point if he's not a cheater. You get zero points yet. I haven't cheated so I get zero points but no I'm sorry said that. Give yourself a point if you haven't cheated. You've never screwed. Because of your misinterpretation I'll pay more attention. Go what did you do that? God I hate it when people don't pay attention to bring something fourth on the year. Let's make let's just review if you're just joining us. Do you have a good relationship with your mother one. Point if the answer's Yes if your parents are together in happy or divorce but really civil and healthy you get one point couple series few maybe AIDS long term relationships under your belt. Yes you get a point. Do you blame your access for your breakup. If you say no you get a point. Go ahead how you doing bobby doing pretty good. I have four. Get Five if you are. His friends and mix of the new gets a point. I have that okay financially stable yes gets appoint women go ahead. Have you cheated in the past No get support. That does he have achievements that are complete like has he set some goals and actually gone through with those goals. At the answer's yes get a point. You could argue the point. You totally get is he. Reasonably okay communicating. Yes yes he gets point. Does he feel about physical intimacy. The same way you feel about physical intimacy. Some people are all about it. Some people were kind of lukewarm due to share the same view on that. If the answer is yes it is yes. Does he want what you want. How could she living with temptation? How could she not feel the sense? Some women are so strong. Talk about someone I've noticed. Does he want what you want from? Life similar goals similar values time around. Yes the answer is yes you get a point. Do you both either one or not want to have children. If the answer is yes yes we both do not want any more children in our lives at this point. Do you like each other's family. I don't have to love them like crazy like them. The answer is yes you do. You have chemistry and chemistry. Isn't just about sexual attraction. It's a strong overriding. Feeling of this is right. You gotTa have chemistry. Oh yes we laugh. I love going. I'd rather be with her than anyone. Now how many points do you have? Bob received ten thirteen. I asked you fourteen questions and you have thirteen points out of fourteen. You have to have a minimum of ten to be cheaper on the keeper here keeper. That's so great. That was so great. They're not gonNA throw me. I love you I was working other would be like a small crappy and thrown back in the lake. How did you do Max? I think you were a key. And and Todd's keeper too. That's good aren't you lucky to be working with such upstanding men and you could give yourself you have a bonus round where you can give yourself a half point if you can come up with five amazing things that make this person perfect for you if you can come up with five things that make your man the perfect man for you? You can get a half a point you good with what I have. That sounds you don't want to be good. Sounds Russell extra credit quest? Yeah this is fine you know I. I think I'm a solid B plus here. I'll post this up on the Bob and Sheri Facebook so that you can take this quiz later and decide if you also keeper. I could put up so many extra point. Things fast. Tastic about her. She has to come up with. This isn't a chic. Are you keeper? She has put the leads. I'm the type of guy that appreciates these things. That's not the question. So what would you have to do? She has to come up with five things that make you perfect for her. I think we've got enough. Let's let's let's not be bragging you've got thirteen thirteen. I and post this right now and I it stuff. You won't hear on the show. It's the Bob and Sheri Odd. Cast find it on the free Bob and Sheri APP or wherever you get your podcast. Here's Bob and Sheri. I came upon the most interesting list. It's the weirdest thing in all of the states in the United States though single weirdest attraction. Oh.

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