Houston, Nelson Wolff, President Trump discussed on Charlie Parker


Seven degrees. Seven thirty two at NewsRadio twelve hundred w away. I a report that flags of ninety five thousand Texas voters for possible violations continues to be misquoted even President Trump tweeting that thousands of non-citizens cast a ballot which is not true. The study flagged ninety five thousand Texans who when they got a driver's license for not citizens most here on a visa, fair county judge Nelson Wolff, well, we know that there's fifty one hundred here that we need to send a notice to comply fights back against the conclusion that summer jumping to that these are a legal immigrants voting. He says, the people flagged likely got their citizenship. And then voted fifty thousand people here on a visa every year become citizens. Michael board NewsRadio twelve hundred w dozens of Houston. Police officers spent the night outside the memorial Hermann hospital. To support for officers who are hospitalized two in critical condition, but there's also anger on a dozen Houston. Police officers were attempting to serve a search warrant on the city's south east side at a home or they've gotten a tip that heroin was being sold. One of them opened the door and people started firing four officers were hit tour in critical condition. A fifth was also hurt. We are sick and tired of having dirtbags trying to take our lives. All we're trying to do is protect this community and protect our families enough is enough. That's houston. Police officers union president Joe Gamal de the two suspects were shot dead. Their county sheriff havi air Salazar's as he doesn't think it's asking too much for the county jail to be as secure as a Costco. You can't walk out a,.

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