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Tweets already buster bleacher tweets for a Mundy, Andrew Campbell at real camp drew writes in, okay, buster gonna be a lot of talk about the all star snubs, but how about some of the good stories from this all star roster? How about some Jose trevino? Julio Rodriguez, Martin Perez, nasty Nestor, Tony Gonzalez, Luis arise and heck Albert and miggy two. Yeah, there's no doubt there's some cool moments. And by the way, how about Aaron Boone secretly videotaping the Yankee players when he told him he was putting him on the all star team. He actually had his little laptop there. He didn't tell him he had his camera on. So that's how we got some of those cool reactions like this from Jose trevino. I know. I know you're all about winning the championship. That's what we're here to do, right? And one of the reasons we're in this position that we're in right now is because of you. So I think there's a little break in the championship run next week. I think you should go to LA. So you can be in the midsummer class. It's gone. Yeah. You're an all star. And you 100% deserve this. You've been so good in every way, brother. You're a major league all star. No one ever ever be able to take that away from you. So happy for you. I appreciate it. Just getting started. Thank you. Thank you guys. In front of you. You're serious. You didn't know yet? No, I had no clue. Like I was like, oh, probably not going to go. Just take my three days. It was actually going to go buy a car in Texas. You're serious, right? Oh, LA, brother? Dodger Stadium. Yeah. If you would have told me a year ago, I wouldn't have believed. New York Yankee, and then it all started. I wouldn't believe you. I'd be like, no, I'm going to be, I don't know. Amy Chapman at Amy R Chapman writes in buster. I agree with Taylor and Sarah on the Kyrie sail stitch. That's a good zing. In my opinion, he risked injury, broke things. It might be hard for a minor league team to afford and replace. And even if he comes back, he can't play in Toronto, why give him a players will be players pass. So yesterday, this is a true story, rob Bradford and I were sitting in the dugout and Ritchie hill walks up, you know, he, of course, a friend of the podcast, great guy, been pitching forever, and he had the same reaction I did. Yeah, that happens all the time. He was telling stories about how he smashed a mirror by bouncing a bottle of water. I'm telling you guys, this happens all the time. It just happened to be a videotape on it. It's not unusual. I don't mind it, just you just need to get the push broom out afterwards and clean up after yourself. Not gonna happen. Now that I mean, hey, by the way, if you thought that was the case, where players would help out with cleaning up after themselves, have you looked at the bottom of dugout after every game, like the between the sunflower seeds and the gum and the spit and all that, players aren't cleaning that up. I think that's fine, but I feel like the gratuitous destruction of property is not great. And if you want to do it, clean up after yourself. That's all I'm saying. Let's stop. I know Tom and I haven't convinced Taylor bye bye convinced you after telling you like players are like, hey, that happens all the time. And rich hill, you heard him, Sarah. He's like the nicest guy ever. He's not a snap guy. And he's telling us yet, yeah, that's what goes on. I understand it happens all the time, but I'm with Taylor. Like if you're gonna smash something, clean it up, you know? If it's on you and it's an expensive thing, like Amy Chapman was saying, that's hard for a minor league team. You know? Manners. Manners. Eduardo Perez David Cohen had the same reaction I did. Like, this is what it said. This shouldn't be a big deal. I do appreciate his passion. Do you appreciate the passion? I understand the passion, but if you're gonna break things, clean them up, replace them. Yeah, all right, we'll put that controversy to bed. Be good to each other at the legend two to 8 8 8 writes in how is it possible Clayton Kershaw has never started an All-Star Game? Would you support honoring him at Dodger Stadium by starting him over guys having better seasons, including Alcantara and Gonzalez? Yeah, it's shocking that Kershaw is not starting All-Star Game. There's certainly been situations in the past when he's earned it, and you know what, sandy Alcantara is. I was talking about with Tim. He's earned it this year. And I don't think you should take it away from him to give a gratuitous nod to Clayton Kershaw who's been an unbelievable player just because the game happens to be in LA. Sandy Alcantara has earned the right to be the start of this year. Absolutely. All right, we're gonna wrap up bleacher tweets with the praise for the Baltimore Orioles rolling in over the weekend. Am I mentioned? I'll rattle a couple off here. Brian role at baseball Brian writes in are the Orioles the scariest AL east team for contenders to play against right now. I would still say the Yankees probably not. Sarah langs at slangs on sports, just wrote the Orioles the other night, probably after walk off on Friday. Matt, kayaking Smith, follow up for Sarah. How obnoxious is it working with Taylor right now? I'm pretty level headed, Sarah, right? I don't think you're being obnoxious. I'm happy when my Friends are happy. And you know, he has been through the ringer. He deserves it. Deserves to talk the talk. Last one, Katie Casey tweet your bleach buster, your pick of Toronto to win the World Series could be destroyed by Taylor's Orioles only two games back, what university is what universe is this destroyed by the oils is a little presumptuous, I think. Yeah, I noticed Sarah did you notice how there was no pre show conversation. Taylor just sort of took over the bleacher tweets to celebrate his Orioles. Yes, he absolutely did. And you know what's funny in the very beginning when he first was doing the accent and everything in my head. I'm like, man, little obnoxious. Little obnoxious. But you've deserved it. You've earned it. I'm happy for your happiness. Thanks for writing in everyone. Hashtag bleacher tweets on Twitter. Everyone. Man, Taylor, for someone who's from that area.

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