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Defensive. Pairing whoever is going to be at the relationship investment field relationship with them. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah because if if we're talking about where we're going to get hurt is probably in and around there. I'm hoping that we can from a defensive point of view we can stop a lot of of the greats in is gonna come into that area and try and do this stuff with talking about having to be flawless or just play henderson flunk flank him with right bags and left box. Just fucking chaos can bowl because he's sick like this like so why is he. Is he going. because i don't think. I think he wants to play to three one because of an old for free freezing. He likes four free. Free 'cause maguire is not going to be fit to start. Is he gonna play three alabama because i would rob him still play. Stones play. cardwell connects to pray restrains where he plays. Luke shored show where they try and keep that kept the defensive solidity in front of him in front of in front of car walker. Now and you know. He's he's going to help but i just think that if we start going into three and stuff right out of the back which is leaving too much space people to attack. I have an issue with forty three one. I don't know it sufficiently fluid. I get nervous about it. When i see forty three hundred distinct myself. I don't have a problem with the defensive to it's more like you created a block there. When need the moment you've got like the one top fixed point you make more predictable and the beauty of forty three is that cain withdraw on a canes. Greatest strengths is a nine. Actually how much he vacates positions while of poland's and how deep becomes whole vacate space really. Well that's why royce has been doing so well games. Marker was for dortmund lie so a forty three one. Just worried too. Is i worry about the cratia problem. Cratia like oh yeah. We'd heard really good. And then we pressed him and then like it wasn't a deal for them. I just worry that will end up in. A slight defensive crouch like in terms of personnel forty. Three one four three three. I think he can basically picked the same team in just with him without the bullock safe. For argument's.

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