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Makes that does work Steve Gregory to find news in the southern California Toyotas dealers traffic center we make it easy band still working on the stress on the six so five and I'm just saying that they're starting to make a little progress three oh six oh five south bound just before a longer Boulevard fatal crash investigation only the right lane is open and that is still happening but I was looking at pictures and seeing that there is a flatbed tow truck on scene now going to grab that vehicle and also a Caltrans sweeper train all we're already doing some work you are jammed in it what you're Boulevard it is going to be a long slow right for you KFI in the sky sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyers dot com Jeff Lawson clearing on the one seventy four all righty well we'll start with a little bit of good news here is how about one seventy a Burbank read quite a problem in the carpool lane that has cleared I portray bill become down the five again take that one seventy it is really Florida should be starting at about sure of white and several good those were back in the small to pass right now about four or five on the bills out before ball on a rate that would block and most of the freeway has been moved over to the right shoulder at so that it does truck operator get all I trouble however your job is to really stop and stop all over back Roscoe Boulevard I say with the freeway because of all the Boulevard really got used up it's jammed from magnolia all the way down towards the one a one injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock K. advise this guy thing aggression cynical read on the five so the caliber of everything in the US center divider your drive still heavy from Valencia Boulevard KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I'm robbing banks the Lakers beat the San Antonio Spurs one twenty nine one oh two even though coach Frank Vogel thought the getting started weirdly I feel like the.

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