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What sam was saying about being able to pull it off the shelf with no knowledge of even the genre it but it might be and be captivated by the you're going to get all this it just it would just spoke david lynch to me that kind of strange man of coming out of her landscape and fought aw yeah and also he's he's kind of you know he's one of bribery which is the carnival comes to town something wicked this way comes and being the scary you know alien strange presence blowing into you know the equivalent to walk in illinois and yet straight man claims in the introduction he's he's got his tattoos from time travel so interestingly the f. the truth gets mushed up right at the root of it yeah there is that feeling it's kind of a grab bag of stove right from the outset to the extent that the i think the story the full story called the illustrated man doesn't appear in this edition of the illustrated man it's it's not in the illustrative reeling to see the panthers koliba tweeted man that isn't it great they're jen what were you saying are you saying brilliant thing about brand rebe rebe not so much being a realtor as because i don't think i've ever read so much in such a concentrated period where he notices that the ideas on these teams that you're saying he's the right so we'd lots of ideas i feel like i'm in like ray bradbury brainstorm meeting with ray bradbury that's just great brockville undefeated john malkovich it's very much like okay network of stories that you can connect like there's a there's this sort of little amoeba idea for fahrenheit four or five one and in osha you should too and there's and there's other things like the feld kind of crops open various bits and pieces of stories like this this flavoring basically basically and there's these things connect together he also does it better i was just thinking i was just reading of his marionettes inc in that which is which is a slightly better version of i think of if you're going to do a i humans humans being machines than the recent in mckinney kyun novel which i have a feeling mchugh must've read the getting the smells of the he famously calls his his what the robot says smells like the vitamin television something that i i'm really restrict by reading again is how much sensory information information there is so clear for me like lots of the an what makes it so easy to read like it was easy to cram oh this actually because that all over all the sort of seen saying is often all these like really quite psychedelic visual sensory stuff it's not they're not psycho dramas is there not really social psychological actually especially in the dinosaur stories the the one other full it through spite sites great story and it's such a brilliant idea and then they kind of having arguments and the kind of making out as as they confront them we'll tell i think that's actually got my favorite line in the whole book in it the special the rocket has been fine for space rockets in these stories all talking been hit by media and it kind of explodes and they're all in their space suits and they will frying off in different directions according to basic rules of particle physics but they're communicated cages is still working so heady from laws one of them's heading for a deep space when i'm well let's do talking they start arguing and the captain they basically they shirt with counterfeiting because he's pressure on the captain because we gotta figure out a way out of this captain why don't you shut up sit applegate okay you heard captain deadpool you're running me you're ten thousand miles away by now and that's not kid ourselves a stimpson puts bone way down see here eight canet this is a mutiny of one i haven't a damn thing to lose your ship was a bad ship and you're a bad habit i hope you break the i think there's as roma's robbery has some of the quality of trollip bassett which is he didn't rewrite much very much well well this is one of the things that i find fascinating about him he is he is a very american coined off he described he likes to describe himself as a magician but he also in-interviews described himself as a salesman in the terms that he would say i'm selling you the idea i'm really good at selling the idea and that is what he is he's he's homeworking going he works everyday row every day very important myth i we had out there without fail at work hard i sell the story but you know pitch picks up that he'd finish it worked two hours every morning before he went to the post of his his data and if he finished one book fifteen fifteen minutes for two hours he'd simply turn over the page and start the next terrorist terrifying on that productivity michael holroyd once told me the most terrifying defying thing about bernard shaw he said with his secretaries because it was dictating could actually write more words day michael horowitz could read yeah and you have to do any kind of bull has yesterday in january talking about what kind of royster was break right when we read him now what kind of writing this is bribery from nineteen ninety nine he's just been to talk about what kind of trees i don't care if the rider cat right i don't give a damn what the style is teachers and librarians forget the functional literature is to pull us like taffy to to raise our souls jamaica wild live forever maybe i was born a freak the morrissey of live the more believe we are genetically sets from the instant of break to be what we are but i believe i was born to be me uh bonanza time no just perfect absolute perfection i've had the greatest life of now i can't think of anyone i've ever known more fortunate that myself because i have to number one the gift god gave me number two having enough sense to use it and i know a lot of people we have great gifts i don't use them and that is acidic as god well he's a bit like listening to willie lohman offer a successful so jim what was the story that particularly grabbed you in illustrative man well you know it's possible to talk about what of them the one that actually stood out with something slightly a different somehow to me was the city 'cause it seemed to come from a what more fantastical imaginary space and maybe that's because his i'm more used to the tropes of space aliens unknown mystery tropes i recognize you know from you know poor and hates h she wants the city seemed something to have this kind of strange magic realism about almost or maybe just magic pitched the listens the city is it well it's a city that's been there for centuries waiting to take revenge on men from earth who decimated that planet thousand years and the the city is a living thing and it is a has complete sensory organs but they are all operated operated in this kind of so it was like oh my steam power everything's sprouted unlike aluminium and brass an census these things sorry debate the city waited with its windows and it's black obsidian wolves and it sky towers and it's unprecedented turrets with its own intro streets on its own touch doorknobs with not a scrap of paper or a fingerprint upon it the city waited while the planet ark in space following its orbit about a blue blue white soon on the season passed from ice to fire and back to ice and then to greenfields and yellow semesters it was unassuming afternoon in the middle of the twenty thousand th year that the city ceased waiting in the sky a rookie to hit the rocket sought overturned came back and london in the shale meadow fifty yards from the obsidian wool that would booted footsteps in a thin grass in calling voices for men within the rocket to men without ready or right man careful into the city jensen you and hutchinson patrol ahead keep a shop i the city open secret nostrils in its block walls and a steady suction vent deep in the body of the city drew storms of air back through channels through thistle filters and dust collectors to a fine and trembling delicate series of coils and webs which glowed with silver light again and again the immense suctions occurred again and again the odors from the meadow were born pawn warm winds into the city fire fire odor the center of a fallen meteor hot metal a ship has come from another world the breath smell the sti phya smile of bend powder sofa and rocket brimstone this information stumped on tapes which bracketed into slows slid down through yellow cogs into further machines click chuck chuck a calculator made the sound of a metronome five six seven eight nine nine men an instantaneous typewriter ink this message on tape which slid did and vanished clicky click the city away to the soft tread of their abroad bruce the great city nostrils dilated again the smell of buddha in the city i from the stalking men faintly the oral which wafted to the great nose broke down into memories of milk cheese ice cream.

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