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Really try to do i really try and i'm sure i fail at it and i'm sure i felt that i used to fail fill out more but that i will not tweet something that i would not say to someone's face if they were right on it yeah and it's something i rarely when i get a troll i rarely do but when i do i will say would you say that to my face and they disappear very quickly yes compassion and empathy are things that we have to work at and having a metal object in your hand with just words on it i think is your brain is an i don't know the science behind this and i'd be fascinated to find out more about it but i think your brain is engaging with it in a way because it's an object in its words on a page so it's language it's going through a certain part of your brain where whereas empathy in connection with humans is a felt experience it's a different thing you know i mean one of the things we do with buddhist practice you know there's two major things buddhist practice one of which is or just meditation or mindfulness general you can take the buddhism out of it is learning to witness and watch things your thoughts your feelings you know whatever but it's learning to take a witness stance and watch this ever changing parade inside of you go by urges sensations all that kind of stuff so that's one thing that mindfulness meditation will help you rewire your brain to do that and when you get some distance from things you get to be in choice more about them because you're not just reacting you're actually responding to them the other thing that happens organically with this practice is an increased sense of compassion there's some sort of human connection that happens where the circle of who you care about naturally widens and that there's and there's an labels drop off because it becomes sentient beings or living beings and we all know how to do this in like lover family try.

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