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And he just lost said. Yep. I'll see if you weeks because you know, what you to be out at the beginning of June in Europe again. And that was the last what I had with him. And he's absolutely. And so it is a huge show. And being touch with his girlfriend, and was she able to shed any light on exactly what happened. He had a heart attack. Is that correct early? He woke that Molin he was complaining of stomach pain, and he laid down for one. And then he said, oh, it's better. I feel much better. And I think, you know, and then very soon up to that he had had the attack, and I guess they go to and they tried to revive him. But they couldn't it was too too big of a heart attack. Can you talk about when you first met Paul Raymond and how he came into you know, he joined the band on what many considered to be one of their one of your greatest studio records in classic record for sure when lights out and that was his first record with the band after fix maybe seventy seven what was released in seventy seventy seventy six and the album was released seventy seven not believe if I'm if I'm if my memory says we will. It's getting kind of fuzzy. I think he came. We were doing the show with Savoy Brown. Maybe which was the ban. He was in prior. Yeah. Exactly. I think in America somewhere. And and that was when Donnie paranoia was in the band, and we kind of knew that wasn't gonna work out. We kind of run its Kohl's. I think he got token to Pete. And I think Pete such and we know we're going to be looking for new cable planning pull was, you know, switch hitter he played the guitar real. Which made it perfect, you know, and and the great voice vocals too. You know? That's that's a big big gap to draw on Phil. Yeah. Without a doubt. And that's what I was gonna ask you about get to that in a second. But when he came into the bent had, you guys known him much prior to I mean, he was in Savoie Brown. And then was in chicken shack before several Brown. Did you did you were you? I did you first meet him when he joined UFO or how'd you think so I didn't know him prior to that? I might have seen him play. But I'd never met him. No. So, you know, but he's fit really well, he just came in. And he was you know, similar background to us. You know grown up with the blues. And and yeah, he was really good fit. I mean, obviously, you know from from the years that you spent and the album's we made with him 'specially. She said strangers. Excuse me. Go just came in. Doing the job. You know, I hadn't hadn't known him prior to that for me. You know, I always think of Paul, and it'll be so strange to come to the shows and not, you know, he's always had that smile. He always just like all of you guys, always tolerate my my obsession with your band, no pun intended on obsession. But, you know, even always come over to me and whisper some things to stir me up a little bit and tell me some stories, and it just only said that smile and all that. But from a fenced-in point for me what I always said about Paul Raymond and UFO in general is I don't think there's ever been a hard rock band that has had a more with Paul in the band had a more of active use of keyboards. Meaning that all whatever he did. Keyboard wise, whether it be on the studio records or live were was always the perfect thing. It was never too much where it softened or got in the way of the power of the band. But always these perfect textures and sounds and..

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