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To add significant volt bullpen arm. Had they acquired yours familia they required Zach grazing apparently had they found that guy who could step into the closer role. I think this team wouldn't be where they are right now, which by the way is a game out of first place tied with Colorado. And if the season ended today and it doesn't, they would not be in the playoffs. See, I'm opposite of you. I would have. I think it's more on Roberts than it is on the front office because what because because Robert's decision making in late inning games with the bullpen j. lesson, for example, what could he have done? Nothing wrong with he did exam. One hundred percent Bryan and letting him what about Sunday Sunday, bringing Dylan Floro was the right move. Okay, so we're, we're criticism because on it's the games before that the game on Saturday where Walker bueller had a fantastic game he had killed for wanted to just stay with the gasoline can that is known as Scott Alexander. You don't know. Scholars inter has got a real last night. He was really good truck out the first case a with Greg original point. How is that? Dave Roberts eight brings in Scotto exander who use as good and Scott Alexander gives up too late leads. Why is that. Saturday. He did not. Listen day game. He brought in JC chamois and Xiguang actually blew the safe. Correct. And he no reason to bring in Chicago on that any any pitch to Russia. Gua is a, there's a right hander and he was going up against the left-hander in Ryan McLaren McMahon and reineck man for the second night in a row, hit a home run right off of him. So that was I'll get middle off, like wasn't that was ninth-inning. I'm not that it was no, no, no. I'm saying the first day in the series. I'm not gonna Rossland about Rosca, but the night before that when they lost to Oakland in Oakland, they had a JC guac gave up the lead in the same thing in the same way that he did. I, I guess the point of this is he may generally Jin when kenley Jansen is gone. The entire thing unravels the entire bullpen unraveled because there are certain roles and when you remove the guy at the top, where the guy at the end of the game, every other. For high leverage position along the way gets gets hurt. So I think now with Kenta Maeda and probably tonight as soon as tonight, Ross stripling available for late innings, things will tighten up the dodgers are lucky that they've got six really good starting pitchers and they can afford to move two of them to the back of the bullpen. So hopefully that titans things up and hopefully kenley comes back quickly. All right up next is fast track. All right, boy, I cannot stress enough how if you're looking for a car, your first phone call should be mad..

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